HWC ‘s Partner – Mr. Henniger attended the event organized by the International Chamber of Commerce Austria

01.03.2016, Vienna; HWC ‘s Partner – Mr. Henniger attended the event organized by the International Chamber of Commerce Austria. Mr. Henniger was invited as one of two speakers and informed the attendees regarding the recent developments of the Ukrainian accounting and tax legislation.

The speech covered also the following topics:

  • Outsourcing of Personnel and Functions in Ukraine;
  • Practical aspects of accounting (incl. tax) during liquidation of business in Ukraine;
  • Dealing with investments and uncleared loans during the liquidation;
  • Liquidation vsDecommissioning (incl. selling) in Ukraine (pros and cons);
  • Corruption – avoidance, prevention and protection in Ukraine;
  • Practical examples.

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01.03.2016, Wien, HWC – Partner Sven Henniger nahm als Referent am vom International Chamber of Commerce Austria organisierten Seminar teil. Herr Henniger erläuterte als einer von zwei eingeladenen Referenten die neuesten Änderungen in der Ukrainischen Steuergesetzgebung und Buchhaltung. Das Seminar deckte darüber hinaus die weiteren folgenden Themen ab:

– Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten des Personalabbaus

– Outsourcing von Personal, Headcounts, Funktionen und Abteilungen

– Abwicklung bzw. Schließung einer Repräsentanz oder Tochtergesellschaft

– Umgang mit bereits getätigten Investitionen bzw. Verbindlichkeiten

– Stilllegung einer Gesellschaft in der Ukraine

– Korruption – Vermeidung, Vorbeugung und Schutz

– Praxisbeispiele

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From our Management Partners

Making business in the Ukraine is embedded into a quite unique market situation. On the one hand the country is associating itself towards the European Union by initializing reforms and rejuvenating its authorities. This atmosphere of change promises massive chances to capture a remunerative market. On the other hand the country conducts its heritage of the former Soviet Union including laws and regulations, specific local accounting standards, a variety of different authorities directly impacting the business world by a high level of bureaucracy and corruption. Excellent personal relationships and the creation of trust are essential to establish a successful market presence.

Henniger Winkelmann Consulting (HWC), led by its two German founders, is providing its clients the support and required backup to master the specific challenges of the Ukrainian market environment. The founders and responsible partners, Sven Henniger and Dr. Thomas Winkelmann, are basing their experience on longtime leading positions (8 and 23 years) in notable international companies acting in the Ukrainian and other Eastern European markets. Moreover, both were including their expertise and developing their network within various local NGO’s as executive committee members of the German Business Club (DWK) and the Delegation of German Economy, and been actively involved in the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO), the American Chamber of Commerce (ACC) and the European Business Association (EBA). This expertise, network and experience is now focused within HWC.

HWC’s team is combining local expertise with Western European business manner and acts as the interface between you and the challenging and specific market environment. Adapting your business to the Ukrainian market, consulting on business relevant decisions and supporting with business services is our core competence. Our professionals are providing proven excellence to ensure client satisfaction and success in B2B consulting towards various areas, including but not limited to: Business services, Outsourcing services and Real Estate services. For more detailed information kindly visit our website

Being a trustable and flexible partner to our clients as well as the relentless pursuit of timeliness and quality of our services is our standard. We believe that our philosophy of combining this standard with our competitive pricing model is the key to customer satisfaction.

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