Dipl.-Kfm. Sven Henniger


  • 9 years experience as CEO in the Ukraine & CIS
  • Founder and board member of the German Business Club in Ukraine (DWK)
  • Head of working group “Tax and accounting” at the German Business Delegation in Ukraine (2012-2015)
Rules of business I learned from sailing

We use sports metaphors for all areas of our life – running a business is no exception. Due to its complexity no other sport compares to managing a business like sailboat racing. Competitive sailing depends on many unique skills and factors that are not relevant for other sports. In sailboat racing, you usually have more than one competitor and teamwork is critically important. Racing does require not only situational tactics; you also need to have a long term strategy for the race that is possibly changing throughout the competition stages. In addition, regardless how well you race your boat, sometimes environmental factors, such as a wind shift or unexpected drift, can completely change the game. As a result even the slowest boat may occasionally be the winner of the race due to a lucky break. You have to be consistent and stable, despite all unpredictable occasions, to come out of a regatta in top positions. The more you drill into the racing factors, the more parallels you see with running a business.

Dr. Thomas Winkelmann


  • Longest serving German business representative in Ukraine with almost 30 years of experience in leading position for different global companies
  • Last 15 years in a leadership position in the Ukrainian subsidiary of a leading consulting company
  • Board member of the German Business Club in Ukraine (DWK)
Rules of business I learned from diving

As well as sailing also diving has much in common with managing a business. On the one hand diving requires knowledge and skills in many different areas. On the other hand you need the right strategy for different types of diving in different locations. For example drift diving completely differs from wrack diving. New and unforeseeable occasions can constantly arise during a dive and force you to take the right decisions quickly. Apart from expertise and a thorough preparation teamwork is essential. The right partner (the so called “buddy”) is as important as the right equipment to secure your life and health in a hostile environment. Diving as well as managing a business requires the right combination of all factors to guarantee joy and success.