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At April, the service for registering an LLC was resumed on the basis of a model charter on the Diia portal.
The press service of the Ministry of Justice and on the telegram channels of the Minister of Digital Transformation and the portal Diia reported that some services were unavailable due to the shutdown of state registries for security reasons. Now the registries are reopening. Officials told how to register an LLC online.
The registration of an LLC is kind of not an easy test: a lot of paperwork, queues, trips to government agencies, etc. Now registration can be done online in 20 minutes.
How to register an LLC on the basis of a model charter in “Diia”:
1. Log in on the portal “Diia”:
2. Fill out the online form.
3. Select the required model charter options or the “default” revision of the charter.
4. Carefully check the data and sign the documents using the qualified electronic signature (QES).
You can also choose a simplified taxation system and apply for registration as a value added tax (VAT) payer.
The application will be automatically sent to the state registrar. You can find out about the result in the citizen’s office on the portal “Diia” or from an email that will be sent to your mail. Without visiting institutions, queues and a lot of paperwork.
Use public services online and develop the Ukrainian economy!
The project is being implemented by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine with expert support from the EGAP Program Eastern Europe Foundation.

Reminder of the important points!
 You will need an electronic signature (qualified electronic signature). All documents must be signed with an electronic signature.
 If your LLC will have the ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) – residents of Ukraine, it is necessary that they be the owners of one of the biometric documents (ID-card, biometric passport) to fill in the Unique number in the register. If UBO not have such document or the ultimate beneficial owner of your LLC is not a resident of Ukraine, then you can register the LLC only offline in the Center for Administrative Services.
 The “default” model charter is a version of the charter whose provisions are recommended for application. Model charter is not available to amendment. You can read the text of the “default” model charter by following the link.
 The founders of LLCs may be legal entities, including other LLCs. On behalf of the legal entity like founder of LLC, the decision to establish a limited liability company is signed by its Director (CEO).

On the web-portal "Diia" is again possible to register an LLC online. On the web-portal "Diia" is again possible to register an LLC online. On the web-portal "Diia" is again possible to register an LLC online.

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