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On April 21, the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) passed the Law on Approval of the Decree “On Extension of Martial Law in Ukraine” (Bill No. 7300 of April 19, 2022).
According to the text of the bill, it is proposed to approve the Decree of the President of Ukraine of April 18, 2022 № 259 “On extension of martial law in Ukraine”, which extends martial law in Ukraine from 05:30 on April 25, 2022 for 30 days.
Therefore, martial law was extended until May 25, 2022.
Reminder: On March 24, 2022 the Law of Ukraine № 2136-IX “About the organization of labor relations in the conditions of martial law” came into force.
The law establishes the peculiarities of the regulation of labor relations in martial law, in particular:
 the predominant effect of the norms of this Law before the corresponding norms of the labor legislation is fixed;
 the possibilities of establishing probation period and concluding fixed-term employment contracts have been expanded;
 in order to prevent or eliminate hostilities, it is possible to transfer an employee to another job without his consent, if such work is not contraindicated due to his health condition;
 the right of the employee to terminate the employment contract on his own initiative without notifying the employer within two weeks in connection with the conduct of hostilities and the threat to life and health;
 the peculiarities of termination of the employment contract at the initiative of the employer in case of liquidation of the enterprise in connection with the destruction of capacity or property are determined;
 changes in working time and rest time are regulated;
 established that in case of impossibility of payment of wages due to military actions such payment may be suspended until the moment of restoration of the possibility of the enterprise to carry out the main activity;
 possibility of suspension of the employment contract and temporary release of the employer from the obligation to provide the employee with work and temporary release of the employee from the obligation to perform work under the employment contract, etc.
The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine extended martial law until May 25, 2022

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