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Business activities in and with Ukraine are picking up again after the summer holiday. Covid-19, however, continues to be an issue for all inbound travellers. Here are the current regulations in Ukraine for entry as of 1 September 2021.


Foreigners and stateless persons, shall provide the following documents when entering Ukraine:

  • insurance policy (certificate) from COVID-19, which is valid for the entire period of stay in Ukraine,
  • negative PCR or rapid test for COVID-19, which was conducted not more than 72 hours before crossing the state border, or
  • a document confirming receipt of a full course of vaccination from COVID-19 by vaccines included in the WHO list of permitted or in accordance with international agreements concluded by Ukraine on mutual recognition of documents on vaccination from COVID-19 or on mutual recognition of COVID-certificates.


As a general rule, individuals crossing the state border to enter Ukraine are subject to self-isolation. This applies to both citizens of Ukraine and foreigners.


The following categories require no self-isolated after border crossing:

  • individuals under 18 years old;
  • citizens of Ukraine who went abroad before August 4, 2021;
  • members of official delegations of foreign states, employees of international organizations;
  • employees of diplomatic missions and consular posts of foreign states, missions of official international missions, organizations accredited in Ukraine;
  • servicemen (units) of the armed forces of NATO member states arrived at the invitation of the Ministry of Defense;
  • participants of external independent assessment, individuals who intend to enter educational institutions, including courses (departments) in preparation for admission to state higher education institutions, applicants studying in educational institutions located in Ukraine, as well as parents (adoptive parents), guardians, trustees, other legal representatives or other persons authorized by parents (adoptive parents), guardians, trustees or other legal representatives accompanying such individuals;
  • drivers and crew members of freight vehicles, buses engaged in regular transportation, crew members of aircrafts and ships, river vessels, members of train and locomotive crews;
  • individuals who have a document confirming the receipt of a full course of vaccination, or an international, domestic certificate or a foreign certificate confirming the receipt of a full course of vaccination from COVID-19;
  • citizens of Ukraine who have a document issued in the manner prescribed by the Ministry of Health, confirming receipt of one dose of the vaccine from COVID-19, included by the World Health Organization in the list of permitted for use in emergencies;

Crossing the state border to enter Ukraine by foreigners and stateless persons who are subject to self-isolation, without the installed and activated mobile application of the electronic service “Вдома” (“Home”) is prohibited. If it is impossible to install a mobile application, border guards will refuse to install such persons to cross the state border.


Self isolation period:

  • 10 days for individuals who have crossed the state border or entry-exit checkpoints and begins 72 hours after crossing. 72 hours are given to make a test for Covid-19. If person received negative result of test it will be reflected as well in the application “Вдома” (“Home”) and in such case the person shall not be self isolated. In a case of positive result of the test – person shall be self isolated for 10 days period.
  • 14 days for citizens who have crossed the state border and arrived from Russia, India and have been there for more than seven days in the last 14 days, starting from the moment of crossing the state border.

This information is a general overview and is not prepared to be a legal, accounting or other guidance. Feel free to contact us for the individual consultation.

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