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  • Kyiv Apt. Prices Could Double
  • Developer Starts €314 Million in Projects
  • ZAZ and AvtoKrAZ Revive
  • Belarus-Ukraine Trade Dwindles
  • National Airline to Link Regional Airports


Apartment prices in Kyiv could nearly double – to $2,000 per square meter – by the end of 2023, predicts Serhiy Pylypenko, general director of Kovalska construction and construction materials company. Driving prices up 15-20% this year will be the rising cost of building materials, he told the Confederation of Builders conference, “Post-Quarantine Development” in Kyiv. The world runup in iron and steel prices are pushing local prices up by 30-40%, he said.

Budhouse Group, one of Ukraine’s largest developers, plans to invest €314 million in three projects over the next three years, Anatoliy Shkribliak, company founder and shareholder, tells Interfax-Ukraine. In Odesa, the group is spending €12 million to complete work on Yessa shopping and entertainment center, aiming for opening in the fall of 2022. In Zaporizhia, Budhouse starts work this summer on Khortitsa Mall, an €82 million shopping center project on a former industrial site on a major highway. After completing these two projects, Budhouse is to start an €220 million project on Kyiv’s Peremoha Avenue, near Zlatoustivska St. Called Hartz Mall, this will be multifunctional – shopping, entertainment and offices.

Ukraine should mine its mountains of metallurgical slag and ash for road building materials, the European Business Association recommends in a new, 44-page study. Citing European experiences, the study says that by recycling these byproducts from steel manufacturing, Ukraine will cut industrial waste and cut the mining of sand and gravel. “Stimulating the use of ash and slag materials and rock, in addition to reducing material costs, will improve the state of the environment,” the study says. Six months ago, Ukraine adopted national standards for the use of slag for road beds and surfaces.

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Renault and ZAZ, or Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant, plan to produce 10,000 cars this year, rising from a seemingly terminal decline. Once Ukraine’s biggest car plant, ZAZ stopped car production in 2018. Last September, Renault Group signed an agreement with ZAZ to make cars for the domestic market. In the post-Soviet era, ZAZ production peaked in 2008 with 257,600 cars.

AvtoKrAZ, or Kremenchuk Automobile Plant, has signed a three-year contract to supply heavy-duty trucks and tanker trucks to the US Army, the company reports. Ukraine’s only full-cycle manufacturer of heavy-duty vehicles, AvtoKrAZ specializes in particularly off-road, 4-wheel drive models.

Lyft, the second largest ridesharing company in the US after Uber, plans to open an R&D office in Kyiv and hire more than 80 engineers, reports “Thanks to a large base of highly qualified specialists in the field of technology and a highly developed IT sector, Ukraine, and Kyiv in particular, is an ideal place for Lyft Engineering,” the company says. The Kyiv office will focus on digital mapping for Lyft, which is present in 656 cities in the US and Canada. Last month, Spain’s food delivery firm Glovo and France’s car-sharing service BlaBlaCar announced plans to open R&D centers in Kyiv.

Turkey’s Onur construction company signed a contract last week with Ukravtodor to develop a feasibility study for upgrading the Stryi-Mukachevo road into a highway. Currently, it takes 2.5 hours to drive this 160 km mountain road joining Lviv and Zakarpattia regions. After the study is complete, the project will be put up for an international tender as a public private partnership, the highway agency reports on Facebook.

Belarus fell to seventh place among Ukraine’s trading partners for goods in the first quarter of this year, Ukraine’s Economy Ministry tells Ukrinform. For goods and services, Belarus accounted for 3.7% of Ukraine’s foreign trade in the January-March period. Trade has fallen in recent years as Ukraine diversifies away from Russia. Belarus has often service as a transit country for goods banned from direct Russia-Ukraine trade.

Wednesday’s decision to ban electricity imports from Russia and Belarus will accelerate Ukraine’s integration with the European ENTSO-E system, Energy Minister Herman Galushchenko told German Ambassador to Ukraine Anka Feldhusen, the ministry reported. This synchronization is to take place by the end of 2023. Created in 2008, ENTSO-E, or the European Network of Transmission System Operators, represents 42 electricity transmission system operators from 35 European countries.

“The official goal to which we are moving – and working hard – is to cut off from the power grids of the Russian Federation and Belarus in 2023, and integrate into the European one, to unite our power grids,” Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said last night on 1+1 TV’s ‘Right to Power’ talk show.

The creation of Ukraine’s national airline is a priority project, two government officials said. Prime Minister Shmygal said Oleksandr Kubrakov, the new Infrastructure Minister, has been told to “speed up negotiations” with foreign aircraft makers and foreign airlines for partnerships. Eventually, the government wants the new airline to only fly Ukrainian-made Antonovs, but the factory here has to catch up on other government orders.

The airline could be launched by the end of this year, Kyrylo Tymoshenko, deputy presidential chief of staff, told Ukraina TV. With the national airline focused on domestic flights, Tymoshenko noted that the government’s ‘Big Construction’ project is building or upgrading airports in Chernivtsi, Dnipro, Kherson, Kryvy Rih, Mukachevo, Poltava and Rivne.

Kherson Airport is starting a $11 million project to rebuild, widen and strengthen its 2,500-meter long concrete runway. With improved lighting and navigational aids, the airport will be capable of handling such long range jets at the Boeing 767-300.

To mark Ukraine’s largest airport reconstruction project, Dnipro International Airport is the official new name for the city’s airport. The Infrastructure Ministry is overseeing a $141 million project to rebuild airport and its 3 km runway for the industrial city of 1 million people. On a visit to Dnipro, Prime Minister Shmyhal promised to complete the airport by the end of 2023.

Cargo shipments, a key indicator of economic activity, increased by 0.7% in the January-April period, compared to the first four months of last year, reports the State Statistics Service. Road cargo was up 7%, to 62 million tons. Rail cargo was down 1.2%, to 95.5 million tons. River cargo was down 9% to 1.2 million tons.

To promote private investment in Ukraine’s sea ports, the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority plans to focus on dredging and allow companies build and maintain berths through concessions. With each berth costing $20-50 million to build, the state-owned authority does not have the capital to meet demand, Andriy Gaydutsky, chair of the Authority’s supervisory board, told the Ukrainian Ports Forum 2021 in Odesa.



  • Ukraine Bans Electricity Imports from Belarus
  • EU Mulls Ban on Belarus Potash
  • Shakeup at Naftogaz
  • Dragon Buys Ukrainska Pravda
  • Donbas to Get a New Airport


Ukraine is banning the import of electricity from Belarus and Russia for four months, until Oct. 1. “We remember our experience last winter,” Valeriy Tarasiuk, chairman of the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission of Ukraine said at a public meeting. After power stations ran short of coal, the government imported electricity, first from Belarus in January, then from Russia in February. The move to stop electricity imports started before Belarus forced down the Ryanair passenger jet. President Zelensky seeks to make Energoatom, Ukraine’s state-owned nuclear power producer, profitable Responsible for producing half of Ukraine’s electricity, Energoatom lost $177 million last year.

The EU may place sanctions on Belarus exports of potash, the soil nutrient used to improve crops, Bloomberg reports. One of the world’s largest suppliers of potash, Belarus supplies about 25% of the region’s demand. The legal framework for ‘targeted economic sanctions” are being drafted for presentation to EU foreign ministers at their scheduled June 21 meeting. Exiled opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya spoke to the European Parliament’s foreign affairs committee and urged the EU to ban exports of potash, oil products and timber,
as well as to stop lending to Belarusian banks.

Despite losing the daily Belavia flight to Minsk, the director of Kyiv Sikorsky airport hopes to handle 1.5 million passengers this year, more than double last year’s disastrous level of 704,500. Referring to the EU, Denis Kostrzhevsky, the director, told Interfax Ukraine: “The question is whether Ukrainians will be allowed in.” In 2018, the airport’s peak year, it handled 2.8 million passengers.

With demand strong for workers, students and business executives to travel to Poland, UIA will restore its Kyiv Boryspil – Warsaw Chopin flight on June 18. LOT, Wizz Air, and Ryanair already have restored flights between Ukraine and Poland.

This week, FlixBus, Europe’s largest bus company, will restore three bus lines from Ukraine to Poland. An estimated 1 million Ukrainians work in Poland. Remittances from Ukrainians working abroad total $1 billion a month, making labor Ukraine’s second largest export, after food.

Olena Zerkal, advisor to the board chair of Naftogaz, has resigned, NV reports. A former deputy foreign minister, Zerkal was appointed 18 months ago to succeed Vitrenko in pursuing legal suits against Russia. Late last month, Vitrenko returned to Naftogaz, signing a one-year contract as CEO of the state-owned oil and gas company.

Dragon Capital is expanding its media holdings acquiring Ukrainska Pravda, the 21-year-old news site. Dragon already owns NV, a leading business news site. “Same as with our existing media project, NV, we will maintain the practice of non-interference by the owner into Ukrainska Pravda’s editorial policy,” Tomas Fiala, Dragon’s CEO, said in a press release. The company said: “Dragon Capital sees this investment as another step towards supporting free media and freedom of speech in Ukraine, being also confident that digital media have great prospects as a business.”

Dragon increased its Kyiv warehouse holdings by 50% last week by buying a 100,208 square meter office and logistics complex in Bilogorogoda, six km from the Kyiv ring road, between the Odesa and Zhytomyr highways. With the purchase of Amtel Logistics Complex, Dragon’s portfolio of 11 warehouses totals 294,000 square meters on the right bank of Kyiv and 391,000 square meters across Ukraine, the company reports. Dragon also is building the first stages of two industrial parks – 25,500 square meters on the E40 in Kyiv; 14,500 square meters on the M10 in Lviv.

Authorities have agreed on the location of a new location for government-controlled Donetsk and Luhansk regions and construction could be completed within two years, Serhiy Gaidai, head of Luhansk regional state administration tells Donbas Online TRK. He said he could not state the location for fear of triggering real estate speculation. The three major cities – Mariupol, Kramatorsk, and Severodonetsk – have airports. Although used by the military, they are considered too close to the front line for civilian commercial use. Mariupol is a 3-hour drive from Zaporizhia’s newly rebuilt airport. Kharkiv airport is a 3-hour drive from Kramatorsk and almost a 4-hour drive from Severodonetsk.

This summer, a record 532 km of roads are being rebuilt in government-controlled Donbas – 156 km in Donetsk and 376 km in Luhansk, Infrastructure Minister Alexander Kubrakov writes on his NV blog. “A number of the most important routes for the East have already been renewed – and we are not planning to stop,” writes Kubrakov.

The European Investment Bank is providing an additional €7 million grant to top up last year’s €340 million program to rebuild infrastructure in eastern Ukraine. Designed to benefit almost 14 million people, the program focuses on hospitals, schools, sewage systems and transport. The new money was announced by the Ministry of Community and Territorial Development.

Two regional entrepreneurs – Andriy Stavnitser, co-owner of the TiS port in Yuzhny, and Yuriy Fylyuk, who is recycling a massive Soviet-era gas meter factory in Ivano-Frankivsk – are profiled by Melinda Haring in a National Interest story headlined: “Ukraine’s Future in Being Made Outside Kyiv.” Her conclusion: “The big picture in Ukraine, viewed solely from Kyiv, often looks downright hopeless, but seen from outside the metropolis, there’s good reason to be optimistic about its future.”



  • Big Chill Starts With Belarus
  • Pakistan Seeks to Get Arms Purchases Back on Track
  • Iron, Steel Production Grow
  • Retail Sales up 14%..
  • Farm Land Prices to Double by 2025


Ukraine banned all flights to and from Belarus, ending 38 flights a week by Belavia, the nation’s state airline. The move against the third largest airline serving Ukraine comes in reaction to Belarus President Lukashenko scrambling a MiG 29 fighter to force down a Ryanair Boeing on an Athens-Vilnius flight, leading to the arrest of a dissident journalist. “President Volodymyr Zelensky initiated a decision to completely stop air traffic with the Republic of Belarus and redirect all flights bypassing its airspace,” Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of the National Security and Defense Council told Interfax-Ukraine.

All flights between Ukraine and Belarus finished last Wednesday. At the same time, all flights flying north from Ukraine are to detour around Belarus to fly to the Baltics and Finland. UIA estimates this detour will add an extra 40 minutes to northern flights from Kyiv.

For Ukrainians seeking to fly to Russia, Riga and airBaltic are expected to displace Minsk and Belavia. The added inconvenience of flying via the Baltic region or alternative connecting hubs will likely result in a further reduction in people traveling between Ukraine and Russia,” Peter Dickinson writes in an Atlantic Council Ukraine Alert.

With almost all European airlines boycotting Belarus air space, Ukraine hopes to get some of the East-West overflight traffic, Oleksandr Kubrakov, Ukraine’s new Infrastructure Minister, said. Due to the EU reaction to the forced landing of the Ryanair passenger jet in Minsk, Belarus now faces losing $50-70 million a year in overflight fees. Last week, only 20% of the 3,300 flights in Belarus airspace landed in Minsk, according to Flightradar24.

The flight ban will cut Kyiv Sikorsky’s passenger traffic – and income – by 10%, Denis Kostrzhevsky, head of the airport’s board of directors, told local TV. The daily Belavia flight to Minsk was carrying 3,4,00 passengers a month, one third the level of before the pandemic. Kyiv’s right bank airport already is struggling, operating at 30% capacity due to cuts in EU flights by its major tenant, Wizz Air.

With cargo flights also subject to the bans, Ukrposhta plans to deliver mail and parcels to Belarus – about 10,000 a month – by truck. For ground passenger travel, the trip from Kyiv to Minsk, takes 10 hours by train and 12 hours by bus. Partly due to Belarus serving as way station for Russia-Ukraine trade, the country has risen in recent years to become Ukraine’s third or fourth largest trading partner country.

Belavia, a state-owned airline, has suspended its London and Paris flights for five months. But it is unclear how long the flight bans will remain. Dickinson writes for the Atlantic Council: “Given the unpredictability of the Belarus dictator, it is difficult to imagine a set of circumstances that would see it reversed as long as Lukashenka remains in power.”

Outrage over the forcing down of the Ryanair Boeing may bring more economic sanctions against Belarus. Mykhailo Volynets, an influential Rada member, called on Ukraine’s government to speed up a planned phaseout of electricity imports from Belarus. From London, Bloomberg editorialized: “Sanctions imposed after last year’s crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators should be expanded.”

Timothy Ash, the emerging market analyst at BlueBay Asset Management wrote: “On Belarus sanctions, there does seem to be momentum now for really consequential economic sanctions, both from the Europeans and the US.”

Seeking to get Ukraine’s weapons sales to Pakistan back on track, Ukroboronprom demonstrated the newest Oplot tank and the Skif anti-tank system last week in Kharkiv to Pakistani General Qamar Javed Bajwa. The de facto ‘CEO of Pakistan’, Gen. Bajwa is army chief of staff and the highest ranking Pakistani official to visit Ukraine. Ukraine’s 20-year arms supply relationship with Pakistan foundered in 2014-2015, when Ukraine was unable to supply tank engines in due to its own defense needs. At the end of Gen. Bajwa’s visit, “Both sides agreed to further optimize military to military ties particularly in defense production,” reports Defence Blog.

Responding to the world surge in iron and steel prices, Ukraine’s pig iron production rose 9% to 7.1 million tons during the first four months of this year, compared to January-April 2020. Ukraine slightly outpace world growth of 8.6% and put Ukraine in 10th place worldwide for iron production, according to the World Steel Association. By contrast, Ukraine’s iron production growth in 2020 was only 1.8% yoy.

Ukraine increased steel production by 7.2% during the same period, to 7.1 million tons. Giving production a big boost, Ukraine’s steel production was up 38% yoy in April. Today, Ukraine is the world’s 13th largest steel producer, according to the World Steel Association.

Retail sales were up 14% yoy for the first four months of this year, compared to January-April 2020, reports the State Statistics Service. April 2020 was very weak due to the national quarantine, but during April 2021, much of the nation was also under a limited shopping quarantine.

Concorde Capital’s Evgeniya Akhtyrko writes: “April’s surge in retail trade is impressive…We expect consumer demand to stay strong in 2021, allowing retail sales to accelerate to 10% yoy (vs. 8.4% yoy growth in 2020).”

Through 2025, the price of farm land should double, thanks to the new land market that starts July 1, Prime Minister Shmygal, told the Ukraine 30 land forum. In addition, local governments should see rents more than double on their farm land, from 7% of estimated value to 18%, he predicted. A pilot project to lease state-owned farm land through electronic auctions is resulting in higher rents, he said.

Almost 10% of Ukraine’s farm land is farmed off the books, costing the state as much as $1 billion in lost taxes annually, reports the Association of Agrarians of Ukraine. Lease payments on these tax-dodging schemes total as much as $2.5 billion, the group’s chairman, Alexander Vasilivsky, complained to Roman Leschchenko, the new Agriculture Minister.

The Finance Ministry raised $217 million in hryvnia at it’s bond auction, less than half the amount raised last week. In the auction for five bonds, yields were virtually unchanged, the Ministry reported on Facebook. The biggest sellers were 1-year bonds, at 11.2%, and 3-year bonds, at 12.3%.



  • Ukraine Prepares for Farmland Market on July 1
  • Kyiv Rail Station as Shopping Center?
  • Gov’t Plan Sets High Targets for the 2020s
  • UZ Starts to Privatize
  • Car Imports Surge


During the 20-year ban on farm land sales, Ukraine’s state has lost the equivalent of “almost two Crimean peninsulas,” to land thefts by “businessmen and politicians,” President Zelenskiy said at Ukraine 30, a land forum. About 5 million hectares of state land moved illegally into private hands, he said. Crimea’s territory is 2.7 million hectares. During the land sale moratorium, 7 million rural residents were deprived of full ownership rights, and 1 million died, often in poverty, unable to sell their land, he said.

On July 1, a limited farm land market is to open. Sales only are allowed among Ukrainians and the limit is 100 hectares. In advance of this modest opening, farm land rents increased 6.5% yoy in 2020 to an average of 3,380 hryvnia/hectare, Ellina Yurchenko, a farmland expert for the Ukrainian Agrarian Business Club said in a press release. At the Forum, Timofei Milovanov, president of the Kyiv School of Economics, said that by allowing farmers to borrow against their land, the market will result in higher yields, greater productivity and an extra $2 billion in tax revenues.

In the six-week runup to the market, the Rada should pass partial loan guarantees for small farmers and anti-corruption regulations, Kristina A. Kvien, US Embassy Chargé d’Affaires, told the forum. Kvien and Matti Maasikas, EU Ambassador to Ukraine, both stressed the need for Ukraine’s media to inform the public about the new farm land market in a factual manner.

The EU is allocating €50 million in grants to help Ukrainian small farmers buy land over the next two years, Katarina Maternova, deputy director general of the European Commission’s Directorate for Neighborhood and Enlargement, told the government’s Ukraine 30 forum.

By turning Kyiv’s central rail station over to private operators through a concession agreement, the station could attract $100 million in investment, Vladyslav Krikliy said in an interview given to the Kyiv Post before he stepped down last week as Infrastructure Minister. Looking at station candidates for concessions – Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Mykolaiv, Vinnytsia, Khmelnitsky, and Chop – Krikliy said his turnaround model is Vienna’s new Main Station. With a 20,000-square-meter shopping center below the tracks, Wien Hauptbahnhof on some days attracts more people to shop and dine than to travel.

The government hopes to increase foreign investment from $420 million last year, to $3 billion this year, to $15 billion by 2025, according to the National Economic Strategy 2030 posted on the government’s website. Other goals for 2030 are: double the economy; triple exports to $150 billion; nearly triple labor productivity; cut in half the state share in the banking system; cut the debt-to-GDP ratio to 30-40%; and increase the share of small and medium-sized businesses of exports to 40%.

The Economy Ministry has downgraded its 2021 GDP growth forecast, to 4.1%, from 4.6%, Ihor Petrashko told Interfax-Ukraine after stepping down as Economy Minister. Similarly, the new 2022 growth forecast is 3.8%, down from 4.3%. Although the economy shrank by 2% in the first quarter of this year, he said: “Since April, we have seen positive trends, in particular in terms of industrial production and GDP growth.”

The closing of 2/3 of Ukraine’s banks since 2014 affected 7.7 million Ukrainians – about one third of the adult population, Eduard Bagirov, chairman of International League for the Protection of Citizens’ Rights, said at a press conference at Ukrinform. The banking crisis engendered a distrust of banks, which can be seen in Kyiv’s skyline today. Rather than putting money in bank accounts, Ukrainians prefer to put their money in bricks and mortar – new apartments.

Ukrzaliznytsia has identified 182 non-core assets to sell as the state railroad looks for ways to turn last year’s loss into a profit this year of around $130 million. To test waters on market interest and pricing, 11 properties will be sold through Prozorro.Sales: six stores, four ‘non-residential’ buildings, and one sports club, UZ’s press office said. “Historically, Ukrzaliznytsia has a lot of premises and buildings that are no longer used by the company,” said Ivan Yuryk, chairman of company that employs 250,000 Ukrainians. “Instead, we are forced to spend money on their maintenance. Thus, instead of profits, they generate extra costs.”

Yuryk’s predecessor, Volodymyr Zhmak, was fired in March for giving Rinat Akhmetov’s Metinvest Shipping a 38% discount on a 3-year lease on 9,000 freight cars, reports the Kyiv Post. Zhmak and Metinvest did not give their version. President Zelenskiy said that railroad freight rates will rise to international levels. The price for iron ore, a major Metinvest export, has doubled over the last year.

Mott MacDonald, the London-based engineering consulting firm, will inspect all seven of the hydroelectric dams of the Dnipro cascade to check the safety of the Soviet-era locks and dams and the viability of Ukryhdroenergo’s multi-year, $120 million rehabilitation plan, reports the press service of the state hydroelectric company. Mott MacDonald counts as a corporate ancestor a water engineering consultancy that worked on Egypt’s Aswan Dam.

Car imports jumped 9%, to 125,800, during the first quarter, compared to January-March of last year, reports Ukravtoprom, the vehicle industry association. In dollar terms, imports of cars, trucks and buses, were up almost 18%, to $1.17 billion.

Lviv City Council has approved construction of a cable car running from the Heavenly Hundred memorial and the governor’s ramparts to High Castle park. The city government hopes to attract a private investor to spend about $15 million to build the cable car and tourist facilities in the parks at both ends. UkrDizaynGrup has prepared a project video.

The EU will introduce its Covid ‘passports’ July 1, reports In addition to vaccination data, these “Digital Green Certificates” may contain data on immunity as a result of a past illness, or a negative PCR test. Details can be found at this EU website.



On the move:

Yevhen Kuzkin has been appointed acting head of Ukravtodor, the government portal reports, citing a Cabinet of Ministers decision. For the last year, Kuzkin has been first deputy chair of Ukraine’s highway agency. As head of the highway agency, Kuzkin will be in charge of executing most of ‘Big Construction,’ a program deemed the most successful project of President Zelenskiy’s two-year presidency, according to a new Rating Group poll. The Rada promoted Oleksandr Kubrakov, then head of the agency, to Infrastructure Minister.

President Zelenskiy has appointed Tymofiy Mylovanov, president of the Kyiv School of Economics, to serve on the Supervisory Board of Ukroboronprom. During the first six months of the Zelenskiy presidency, Mylovanov, served as Economy Minister. Last fall, he returned to the government as an economic advisor to the President.

Willem Coppoolse has resigned after one year as head of the Naftogaz Trading division and CEO of Naftogaz Trading Gas Supply Company, the state oil and gas company reports.  Naftogaz group chief operating officer Otto Waterlander will be acting head of the Trading division. Iryna Zhuravliova, head of the business operations, has been appointed acting CEO of Naftogaz Trading Gas Supply Co.



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