• Half of Ukraine is in Corona ‘Red Zone’
  • India Stops Sending Vaccines
  • China Sends Vaccines
  • AmCham Optimism for 2021
  • Ukrainians Now Spend 1 Hour a Day on YouTube
  • Marie Claire Switches to Ukrainian


Swept up by the EU’s COVID-19 upsurge, half of Ukraine’s population presently reside in the ‘red zone’ quarantine areas, Ukraine’s Health Ministry has reported. In this strictest form of quarantine are: Kyiv City and 10 regions – Cherkassy, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv, Lviv, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Sumy, Zhytomyr and Zakarpattia.

“I don’t rule out that the whole country may be put on lockdown,” Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, told the BBC. Hours later, the Health Ministry announced a record daily death toll for the one-year-old pandemic: 363. Daily new infections hit 16,669, a record for the pandemic in Ukraine. Thursday also saw record number of hospitalizations: 5,438.

In Kyiv, mass transit could be halted if people do not wear masks, Mayor Klitschko warned on Facebook. Klitschko confirmed 1,267 new coronavirus cases, 57% of them women. Over the last year, 3,198 people have died in the capital of the pandemic.

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India is suspending delivery of 75% of Ukraine’s order of 1.9 million AstraZeneca Covishield vaccines, in part because of a coronavirus upsurge in India, and in part because of “defamatory statements about India as a manufacturer of medicines,” Mykhailo Radutsky, Servant of the People Chair of the Rada Health Committee, wrote on Facebook. Recently, many Ukrainians refused the Indian vaccine, saying that it was ‘Third World’ and demanding the same vaccine, but produced in the UK. During the first month of the vaccination campaign, only 155,587 people have received a shot – one third of the stock received from India.

Health Minister Stepanov is struggling to restore deliveries of 1.5 million vaccines contracted with the Serum Institute of India. The Minister for Culture, Oleksandr Tkachenko, has accused Russia of waging a disinformation campaign, and India’s Embassy has complained to Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry.

Thursday, the first load of 1.915 million doses of China’s CoronaVac was air shipped to Ukraine, reported the website of Ukraine’s Embassy in China. The vaccine was produced by China’s Sinovac Biotech. Ukraine will receive it first batch of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine in April, said Oleksandr Zaika, the Head of the Health Ministry’s immunization strategy department (Dom TV).

Riding the private health care wave, Horizon Capital announced that its EEGF III has made a ‘successful exit’ from its 2-year investment in Dobrobut, Ukraine’s largest private healthcare provider. The Horizon investment helped Dobrobut make two M&A investments – the purchase of Doctor Sam and Boris. Purchasers of the Horizon’s investment are Dobrobut’s two major shareholders: Igor Mazepa, Concorde Capital CEO, and Igor Kalashnikov, owner of the retail network of Luxoptika. Mazepa said:We see great prospects in the development of the private medical sector. The market of medical services is estimated at $6 billion, while the need for quality services in Ukraine is very high and supply is insufficient. We have ambitions to occupy this niche.”

For new business worries, uncertainty about vaccines against COVID-19 (69%) and continued lockdowns (57%), and employee safety (47%) rank the concerns of executives polled by the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine. In the poll completed two weeks ago, 59% of respondents plan to promote vaccinations among employees.

Looking ahead, 60% of companies have positive expectations for 2021, expecting revenues to go up. Over 30% of businesses plan to hire new employees, and 39% plan to increase investments. With the uncertainties over public health and transportation, 82% have switched to hybrid work, a combination of remote and office-based work. Looking back, 56% of respondents said that last year their companies kept the number of employees, 24% hired new employees, 20% cut employees.

“For 43% of member companies that express restrained optimism about doing business and potential investment in Ukraine in 2021, key obstacles remain, said Andy Hunder, AmCham president. “The business community is urging the government to ensure the rule of law, protect the population from COVID-19 and fight corruption.”

Registrations of new companies fell by 20% yoy last year, a drop blamed on the pandemic and quarantine measures, according to recent report by YouControl, an online database. In 2020, the state registered 54,000 new companies. At the same time, 10,000 companies closed, largely in June, at the end of the hard lockdown.

Ukraine’s big four state-owned banks cut their total non-performing loan portfolio by 22%, or $3.1 billion, last year, reported the Finance Ministry. This reduced the non-performing loan portfolio to UAH 310 billion, or 57.4% of all outstanding loans. To cut into the bad loan mountain, more than 94,000 new lawsuits worth about $1 billion were filed last year. The banks received more than 100,000 court decisions worth about $820 million.

The average Ukrainian spends one hour a day watching YouTube videos, reported Google, owner of the video hosting service. Last year, the number of Ukrainian YouTube channels with 100,000 subscribers grew by 35% yoy.  Channels with 1 million subscribers or more grew by 45%. Last year these audience jumps in daily views were recorded: meditation +35%; cooking +45%; and home workout +340%. December 2021 showed these year over year viewership jumps: educational/science +50%; fish farming +50%; and hiking and rafting +80%.

Fashion magazine Marie Claire Ukraine has switched from Russian to Ukrainian, making its Spring 2021 edition its first Ukrainian-language issue. “There is a superstition about writing on fashion in Russian because of the longstanding influence of these magazines’ head offices, which were based in Russia,” said editor Nadiia Shapoval (The Calvert Journal). “For me, this is a very colonial way of thinking. I think that [this Marie Claire issue] will illustrate that publishing magazines in Ukrainian is possible and can be popular and competitive.”



  • Govt. Will Offer Stimulus to Avoid Further Collapse
  • EBRD Chief in Kyiv
  • MHP $30mm Dividend Payout
  • Top Security Chief Threatens Even Harsher Lockdown


The government intends to offer 8,000 UAH ($285) cash payments to private entrepreneurs and employed individuals impacted by the three-week strict quarantine on businesses, said the Prime Minister, Denis Shmyhal. “The state is ready to pay the relevant individual entrepreneurs and employees of enterprises who have suffered as a result of the introduction of quarantine restrictions in the red zones, 8,000 UAH each. In particular, a set of measures has been developed to support people and businesses, which will be implemented in cooperation with local governments,” the Prime Minister said.

According to Odile Renaud-Basso, President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, State-owned enterprises stand to gain the most from radical reforms. In Kyiv she told reporters “The EBRD and Ukraine have been strong partners for almost three decades now. Ukraine is a top three investment destination for the EBRD. In the past two years alone, the Bank has committed EUR 2 billion of investment to the Ukrainian economy. We provide a comprehensive support package for the country to assist its stabilization, the anchoring of its reforms and sound, inclusive and sustainable growth.”

EBRD investments focus on strengthening energy efficiency, energy security, boosting agricultural and industrial potential, building solid infrastructure and strengthening the financial sector. “Our work is underpinned by and supports Ukraine’s aspiration of European integration. In order to achieve healthy and fast economic development, there must be a radical reform of SOEs, including the state-owned banks,” said the EBRD President.

Among sectors with the highest potential are: agriculture, energy, transport, information technology.There is a huge potential in Ukraine, especially in its people and its youth. Pursuing the reform agenda is key for the economic development. Structural weaknesses remain and weigh on the pace of economic growth while labor productivity remains below other countries in the region. Progress in key areas of governance would provide a level playing field for investors and entrepreneurs, which is crucial for unleashing the growth potential of the Ukrainian economy.”

“I hope that in 10 years’ time Ukraine will be country guided by the European Union values and standards, with a stronger rule of law, greater social cohesion and trust between citizens, greener economy and more gender and income equality.”

MHP, the largest poultry producer in Ukraine and a national blue-chip stock, plans to pay $30 million in dividends for 2020 or $0.2803 per share, the company has announced. “Given the current challenging market dynamics, with a net debt to EBITDA ratio of 3.66 as at 31 December 2020 (above 3.0, after which certain restrictions come into effect), the board deemed it prudent to continue to save cash and subject to approval shareholders to pay an unchanged dividend of $ 0.2803 per share,” the company’s said in its Annual Report.

The Ministry of Community and Territorial Development may receive a EUR 100 million loan from the European Investment Bank to modernize street lighting in Ukraine. The proposed project should cover the entire territory of Ukraine. It provides for the implementation of measures for the restoration, reconstruction and construction of external lighting networks. As well as bringing the external lighting power grids to the norms and standards of the current legislation and equipping them with equipment using energy and resource-saving technologies,” the Ministry said.

The Ministry of Health has reported another death related to the Covishield vaccine, which is licensed by AstraZeneca and made in India. On the morning of March 24, the pharmacist of the military hospital pharmacy in the Chernivtsi region died. The man received the vaccine on March 15,” the Ministry announced on Facebook. This is the second death reported by the Ministry after a high-profile servicewoman died after receiving the vaccine in Odessa.

A strict nationwide quarantine may be imposed if the spread of Covid worsens, the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Oleksiy Danilov told BBC Ukraine. The Council will soon hold a meeting regarding the epidemic. However, it is not known whether the introduction of a lockdown will be considered. So far, all decisions remain to be made by the regions. When we completely close the regions, this is already an exceptional case. If the development of events does not follow the optimistic scenario, then I do not rule out that the whole country may be closed,” the NSDC chief said.



  • IMF Funding Crucial: NBU Official
  • GDP Shrank 4% in 2020
  • MHP to Boost Dividend Payouts
  • city Partners with BMW Ukraine
  • Railway Workers Strike to Protest Low Wages
  • Miners Demand Better Conditions
  • Bees Airline Gets Green Light
  • New Rules For Foreigners Arriving


According to the Deputy Chief of NBU, Dmitry Sologub, failure to secure IMF funds this year will increase inflation and devalue the hryvnia. “Refusal to cooperate with the IMF will most likely lead to an increase in debt service costs, a reduction in the inflow of foreign investment, and pressure on the foreign exchange reserves of the National Bank,” he recently said (Economic Truth). “The government should reduce the budget deficit, thus the hryvnia exchange rate will weaken in order to neutralize the negative impact on the balance of payments, respectively, inflation will accelerate,” stressed Sologub.

After four years of growth, the overall GDP rate declined by 4% in 2020 to $151 billion, according to the State Statistics Service. In 2019, Ukraine’s GDP grew by 3.2%; in 2018 by 3.4%; in 2017 2.5%; in 2016 2.5%, after a massive 9.8 % decline in 2015 and 6.6% decline in 2014.

Officials project 4.6% growth in 2021. Ukraine’s economy peaked in 2013 with a GDP of over $183 billion and has yet to recover to this level in the past 7 years.

MHP, the largest poultry producer and a national blue-chip stock, expects to increase dividend payouts by 2.6x in 2021 due to growing revenue fueled to rising chicken prices, said Denis Belyi, an analyst at Freedom Finance. “Due to the resumption of growth in world prices for chicken meat, the 2021 financial year reflect a positive outcome for MHP agricultural holding, which is expected to increase its dividend payments by 2.6 times compared to 2020 – to $ 0.75 per share” said Belyi speaking to participants at the Prospects for the Development of the Stock Market in Ukraine webinar.

MHP’s revenue in the first nine months of 2020 decreased by 6% – to $1.41 billion. The agro holding received $109 million in net loss against $276 million in net profit for the same period in 2019. This is due to a foreign exchange loss of $191 million in the period of January to September 2020 compared to a profit of $182 million in same period in 2019. MHP’s EBITDA for the specified period decreased by 7% – to $332 million.

UNIT.City is partnering with BMW’s Ukraine dealership AVT Bavaria to launch the U.go service, which offers electric vehicle car sharing. Kyiv will be the first city to test the new car-sharing model. For now, the service can be used by residents and employees of the UNIT.City Park, who have a driver’s license and have more than two years of driving experience.

When UNIT.City is completed, it will be a place without cars. We will have intercepting hubs, and all residents of the park will be able to use a service such as U.Go. For business, it will be relevant during the day, for those who will live here – in the morning or in the evening. According to forecasts, by 2025 the share of the sharing economy in the total revenues of companies around the world will reach 50%, although back in 2013 it was only 5%.“

Ukrainian Railways workers are planning a large-scale strike on March 31 to protest low wages and poor working conditions during the global pandemic, Interfax-Ukraine reported citing recent union announcements. The warning was announced by the trade union of railway workers and transport builders of Ukraine. Whether there will be a continuation depends on its results. “In 2019-2020, we, contrary to the terms the collective agreement, did not raise our salaries., “ said protest leader Alexander Skiba.

Workers at Kryvyi Rih Mining and ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih are also starting protest campaigns for an increase in wages by 30%. The workers of the AMKR enterprise took industrial action. The protesters note that the action is preventive and, if the administration of the enterprise does not sit down at the negotiating table regarding the demands, the protest will increase in scale. The main demand of the union members is to increase wages to European levels, and have salary levels reflect the conditions labor,” said the head of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine Mikhail Volynets on Facebook.

“With the onset of spring, protests will only intensify. Wages are low. Employers do not comply with the law. Their priority is profits and surplus profits. With a further rise in prices and inflation, people will inevitably participate in protests more and more,” a union leader told Interfax-Ukraine.

Bees Airline, a Ukrainian low-cost carrier is offering charter and routine flights, after it received its flight license to operate flights on 31 routes, said the State Aviation Service of Ukraine in a recent announcement.

Foreigners entering Ukraine now need a negative PCR test for coronavirus, said the Health Chief Maxim Stepanov in a recent press briefing. “Foreign citizens and stateless persons entering Ukraine will need a certificate certifying a negative PCR test result for coronavirus, regardless of the epidemiological situation in the country from which they have traveled. The test should be executed no more than 72 hours before entry,” according to announcements on a government website.



  • Bureau of Economic Security Established
  • Motor Sich Seized “For the People”
  • Ukroboronprom Pounces on Blue Chip
  • MoF Borrows Big Locally
  • EU Integration to Accelerate
  • Covid a Threat For Over 50: Chief Govt. Doc
  • Kyiv Enters Red Zone


President Zelenskiy has signed off on the creation of Ukraine’s Bureau of Economic Security (BEB), the Presidential press office has reported. “The main function of the Bureau of Economic Security will be analytical work, not law enforcement. The Bureau will analyze the beneficiaries of financial transactions and determine if there is a violation of the law in the circulation of funds of certain business or government structures,” a government spokesperson said.

Ukraine’s SBU security service will lose the power to investigate crimes relating to corruption and organized criminal activity. “This will allow the SBU to focus on performing tasks that are really directly related to the security of the state, focusing on counterintelligence activities in the economic sphere,” the President’s Office clarified.

The Bureau of Economic Security is to be the sole government agency responsible for combating economic and financial crimes. BEB will assume the current powers of the Security Service and the State Tax Police. “According to the law, the Bureau of Economic Security is the central body of executive power, which is entrusted with the task of countering offenses encroaching on the functioning of the state economy. Its activities are directed and coordinated by the Cabinet of Ministers,” the Presidential press service said.

BEB powers include: “identifying risk zones in the economic sphere by analyzing structured and unstructured data; assessment of risks and threats to the economic security of the state, development of ways to minimize and eliminate them; submission of proposals for amending regulatory legal acts on the elimination of prerequisites for the creation of schemes of illegal activities in the economic sphere; ensuring the economic security of the state by preventing, detecting, and suppressing, investigating criminal offenses that infringe on the functioning of the state’s economy.”

BEB is not a law enforcement agency and its functions includedrawing up analytical conclusions and recommendations for government bodies in order to increase the efficiency of their management decisions on the regulation of relations in the economic sphere.”

A local Kyiv court ruled to transferred the ownership of Motor Sich’s to the management of the National Asset Recovery and Management Agency (ARMA), the SBU has announced. Earlier this month, Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council said it intended to return Motor Sich “to the Ukrainian people in a legal, constitutional way.”

Motor Sich was a blue chip company with top-2 free float and has been operating as a private firm since 2000, after the successful privatization in 1994. Concorde Capital’s Alexander Paraschiy wrote: “Thus far, the way Motor Sich has been “returned to people” does not look optimal for Ukraine’s investment case, taking into account that before mid-2017 the company was a local stock market blue chip with a top-2 free float. No doubt, it is positive that the chance is increasing that Motor Sich will finally receive a controlling owner that will do its best to preserve the company’s business. At the same time, the unresolved ownership issue raises the threat of multiple court battles with the minority shareholders of the company, as well as with the Chinese firms that reportedly purchased a control stake in the company in 2016-2017.”

Ukroboronprom, the state-owned arms conglomerate, has announced that it is ready to take over Motor Sich. Ukroboronprom’s Chief Yuri Gusev said, “I consider the preservation of Ukrainian Motor Sich a matter of national security. Ukroboronprom has already sent a letter to ARMA about its readiness to act as a subject of asset management of Motor Sich Joint Stock Company in order to preserve its potential. For us, as a state defense concern, it is important that Motor Sich “continued its work: with the preservation of jobs, with the fulfillment of obligations within the framework of production orders. Our team is ready to support the enterprise.”

In March, Ukraine’s Ministry of Finance tapped UAH 31 billion or USD 1.1 billion in the domestic bond market in local and hard currencies, which assisted in the refinancing of domestic debt obligations.

Investment firm ICU commented: “By the end of this month, the MoF has to repay UAH13.5bn (US$0.5bn) and US$325m. They should be able to refinance these payments, taking into account the level of demand seen earlier this month, and the size of the repayments. The MoF will primarily concentrate on borrowings in local currency, due to the resumed activity of foreign investors. Therefore, we expect that in March, debt repayments will be refinanced in full.”

At the 4th German-Ukrainian Business Forum in Berlin, DTEK CEO Maxim Timchenko underlined the importance of energy transition, taking into account social and economic aspects, as well as current challenges facing the renewables sector in Ukraine. The Forum is an important platform for strengthening economic cooperation between Ukraine and Germany and the energy sector is a key focus area. In August 2020, a joint Statement was signed at the Governmental level to launch the German-Ukrainian Energy Partnership. The Forum discussed key priorities of the Energy Partnership, including the integration of Ukrainian energy markets into ENTSO-E, increasing energy security, decarbonizing the economy, exchanging innovations in energy technologies, implementing joint projects in green energy development, digitalization of energy infrastructure and establishment of a modern energy system.

Ukraine expects an acceleration of integration with the EU within the framework of the Eastern Partnership, said Prime Minister, Denys Shmygal. Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova have designed a joint initiative to start engaging with the Eastern Partnership known as EU + 3 Associated Partners. “We hope that, within the framework of the Eastern Partnership, deeper integration will be offered to the associated partner states based on the “more for more” approach. That is, the more progress countries make in implementing reforms, the more support they receive from the EU. The EU internal market, energy security, the EU green course, digitalization, and healthcare are the areas that are of interest to Ukraine for deepening cooperation,” the Prime Minister said.

Kyiv is labeled a Covid “red zone” by the State Commission on Technogenic and Ecological Safety and Emergencies, according to officials.

According Chief State Sanitary Doctor Viktor Lyashko, the largest proportion of Covid-19 cases in Ukraine are people aged 50+ years (Interfax-Ukraine). “75-80% of all deaths are registered in this age group. That is why this group is a priority for vaccination, and their inoculation will begin immediately after the doctors.”



  • Ukraine Worth Investing In: Merkel
  • SBI Probes Balance Sheet Hole
  • British Covid Strain Detected
  • Govt. Signs Preliminary Agreements for Vaccines
  • Medical Staff Reject “Third World Vaccine


Ukraine could become a center for global food security, Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal said during the recent Ukrainian-German economic forum. “Ukraine has been improving its agricultural exports for the third year in a row, and Germany is consistently been amongst the top ten importing countries of Ukrainian agricultural products. Our priority is the development of the agricultural sector. We are already in discussions regarding the opening and liberalization of the land market, improving amelioration infrastructure, increasing the production of high-margin products, and improving quality / safety of Ukrainian food products. Ukraine can become one of the centers of food safety for the world, and we urge our partners to invest in this together.”

Germany considers Ukraine an important trading partner and a country worth investing in. Ukraine is an important trading partner and it is also a place into which German companies should channel their investments. We appreciate it.“ Speaking at the opening of the 4th German_Ukrainian Business Forum in Berlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel mentioned that, “Two thousand German companies and their representative offices actively work in Ukraine now.” (Ukrinform). Merkel also praised recent reform laws passed in Ukraine, which “give investors more guarantees and protect their investments.”

According to the German Chancellor, Ukraine has economic potential.Ukraine has highly qualified personnel in the industrial sphere, primarily in mechanical engineering and aircraft construction, as well as in the agricultural sector. IT also plays an increasing role,” Merkel said. Noting that trade turnover between the two states had grown to EUR 7.7 billion in 2019. Last year, the coronavirus pandemic “thwarted plans significantly“, but the German Chancellor is convinced that the countries will gather momentum in the future “thanks to progress with vaccination” she said.

Merkel noted that “some steps still need to be taken“, in particular regarding fight against corruption, judiciary, and the land market.

The State Bureau of Investigation is conducting a probe into former Central Bank Governor Valeriya Gontareva and First Deputy Governor Kateryna Rozhkova, Bloomberg reported. Authorities are interested in what they say is the inappropriate use of more than 900 million hryvnia (or $32.5 million) through schemes with local white-shoe law firms that overcharged legal services. The two women dismissed the accusations as “absurd theatre.”

“This investigation, if true, looks both odd and inconsistent, as it’s clear the PrivatBank case is crucial for the country,” Rozhkova said to Bloomberg by phone. “The reason for this probe is to discredit our work.”

Zelenskiy commented: “The Office of President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, with the support of Ukraine’s Western partners, will continue to do everything necessary to return all funds stolen from the Ukrainian population, including money related to PrivatBank,” The stakeholders who previously owned a controlling stake in PrivatBank are fighting efforts by the government to recoup bail-out money from them.

The British strain of coronavirus was detected in Kyiv Kharkov, Dnipro and Lviv as part of joint monitoring of the circulation of new strains of SARS-CoV-2, which is carried out by the pharmaceutical company Farmak JSC, along with the Gromashevsky Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases with the participation of the Center for Public Health (CPH), Farmak reports. “As a result, the British strain SARS-CoV-2 was detected in samples from Kiev, Kharkov, Dnipro and Lvov. At present, a bioinformatic analysis of the results is being carried out to study other mutations of the virus that are unique for Ukraine,” the company said.

Farmak’s new test system was audited and verified by the Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases named after Gromashevsky of the AMS of Ukraine and the Institute of Microbiology and Immunology named after Mechnikov of the AMS of UkraineThe company said that the new test system is already available for pre-order. “Farmak” is a member of the Association “Producers of Medicines of Ukraine” (APLU).

Ukraine has signed preliminary supply agreements with six global manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines, said Prime Minister, Denis Shmyhal in an interview with Bild Germany. “Ukraine is negotiating with all world vaccine manufacturers. Today, preliminary agreements have been signed with 6 of them and 3 vaccines are registered in Ukraine. These are AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNTech, and Sinovac. In the near future, we expect the delivery of the first batch of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines at the initiative of COVAX, where Germany is one of the world’s major donors and initiator of such an international platform. We are grateful to Germany for participating in this global initiative.”

62% of medical professionals refuse to get a vaccine, according to the AP. The Indian vaccine available in Ukraine has been widely accused of being a “third world shot” by local media, fueling skepticism towards the jab. CoviShield is supplied to Bhutan, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar and Seychelles and India also plans to ship vaccines to Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Mauritius and Brazil.



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