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  • France Finances €1.3 billion of projects in Ukraine
  • Ukraine’s Exports up 19%, due to a doubling of Iron Ore Sales
  • Vitrenko Signs 1-Year Contract at Naftogaz
  • Kyiv Metro Ridership Drops in Half, More Funds Needed to Avoid Mass Transit Collapse


France’s Finance and Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire was in Kyiv and presided over the signing of for agreements totaling €1.3 billion for the purchase of French goods and services. For comparison, France-Ukraine trade during 2020 was valued at €1.6 billion.

In a €880 million deal, Alstom is to supply 130 electric locomotives to Ukrzaliznytsia. France is financing 85% of the sale, through a €350 French Treasury loan and €400 million in loan guarantees from BPI Assurance Export. French authorities raised the level of localization – value added inside Ukraine – from 15% in March, to 35% in the final contract. President Zelenskiy said after the signing: “Big money will be invested.”

€300 million will be spent on Desautel SAS supplying Ukraine’s Emergency Services with 370 fire trucks with long ladders to fight fires in highrises that make up the majority of urban residential housing in Kyiv and other major cities. As with the locomotive, 85% will be financed by the French government, a mix of loans and guarantees from the Treasury and BPI Assurance.

Two €70 million transactions will assist in the rebuilding drinking water supply facilities to one quarter of Kyiv’s population and to 20 frontline districts centered on Popasna, Luhansk. French companies are to supply 70% of goods and services.

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“These projects will help improve the living conditions of Ukrainians,” Le Maire told Interfax-Ukraine. “We are talking about drinking water, mobility, security and civil protection.” The Economy Minister noted that 160 French companies in Ukraine employ 30,000 people. Bertrand Barrier, President of the French-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, welcomed the agreements, saying they reflect growing French interest in investing in Ukraine.

Boosted by booming world iron ore prices, Ukraine’s foreign trade was up 20% to $39.5 billion from January to April, compared to the same period last year, reported the State Customs Service. With bills for imported oil and gas rising 18%, to $3.5 billion, imports rose 21%, to $20.4 billion. The trade deficit for the first four months was $1.3 billion.

Although iron ore exports were down 8%, to 14.2 million tons, earnings from Ukraine’s iron ore sales almost doubled, reaching $2.3 billion. With mines in Brazil and South Africa closed due to Covid-19 infections among staff, the world price of a ton of iron ore has jumped from $40 to $200, wrote Oleksandr Kalenkov, President of Ukrmetallurgprom, the metals association, on Facebook. Top consumers of Ukrainian iron ore in 2021 are: China – 44%; Poland – 9%; Czech Republic – 9%.

Yuriy Vitrenko has signed a one-year contract to work as Chairman of Naftogaz, announced Andriy Yermak, the chief of President Zelenskiy’s staff, at a meeting of Ambassadors of the G7 countries, Sweden and the European Union. With the Supervisory Board planning to quit, the government has asked members to stay on until a new Board is chosen. The Board resigned after the Cabinet of Ministers briefly suspended the Board on April 28 in order to fire Andriy Kobolyev, who had served as CEO of state oil and gas company for seven years.

Yermak said ‘transparent’ competitions would be held for a new Board and for the post of Naftogaz chairman. Ukraine’s international finance partners – including the World Bank, EBRD, and the IMF – criticized the end run around the Board as undermining corporate governance. On a visit to Kyiv last week, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken told ICTV: “Honestly, it sent a bad message, a bad signal, and I think it had the potential to be damaging to Ukraine’s reputation internationally. But I think – my own sense is that the government understands that and hopefully will move forward on corporate governance [not only] with Naftogaz, but also with other big state-owned enterprises.”

Viktor Medvedchuk, the Ukrainian opposition leader who is a close friend of Vladimir Putin, is to spend two months under house arrest while awaiting trial for high treason. A Kyiv judge rejected a prosecutor’s request for jail in lieu of bail of nearly $11 million. The Russian president is the godfather of Medvedchuk’s daughter. In the 424-member Rada, Medvedchuk leads the largest opposition group, the 44-member Opposition Platform – For Life.

President Zelenskiy inaugurated the new building of the Kyiv School of Economics which is located on Mykola Shpaka Street, near the US Embassy. “The new KSE building is really impressive,” Zelenskiy said to Timofiy Milovanov, the Acting President of the business school who is also an advisor to Zelenskiy. The new 6-story building has classrooms for 700 students. Founded in 1996, the school has grown to have 230 students in seven master’s programs and 1,400 students of professional programs and courses.

Ridership on the Kyiv Metro has dropped in half compared to 2019, prompting the municipal company to ask the city to save the transportation lifeblood for city offices and factories. Waving signs reading “Fair fares = safe travel,” Metro workers protested in front of City Hall, demanding at least $50 million in aid. Inside, subway administrators told the City Council that, with discounts, the system only receives US23 cents for each ride – one third of the amount it needs to break even.

With electricity and wage costs doubling, the Metro is putting 3,000 workers on 4-day workweeks and threatening service cuts. In 2019, the system carried 495 million passengers. Last year, this number fell to 279 million. If this year’s level of ridership holds up, 2021 could end with 255 million rides.

The Cabinet of Ministers proposes to bar the exit from Ukraine of the head of a company with a tax debt of $35,000 or more that is 30 days overdue, reported on the governmental portal. In a measure approved last week, the government “has the right to apply to the court to establish a temporary restriction on the right of the head of such taxpayer to leave Ukraine – until such debt is fully repaid.”

Passengers flying from Ukraine to Turkey do not need to present negative results of a PCR coronavirus test, reports Ukraine’s Ministry of Culture and Information Policy. Turkey’s national coronavirus lockdown was lifted Monday morning.



  • Ukraine Opens Its Mineral Treasure Chest
  • Ukraine Starts to Close Its Wage Gap with Russia
  • Mariupol Cargo Rises
  • Mortgages Double
  • Ukrainians Sell a Net $1billion in FX


Rights to mine Lithium, titanium and gold deposits coming up for auction in Ukraine this year have prompted reports in International Mining, Hellenic Shipping News and S&P Global Platts. Investor interest is heightened by a forward-looking report published last week by the International Energy Association: “The Role of Critical Minerals in Clean Energy Transitions.”

Noting “Ukraine has some of Europe’s biggest lithium reserves, but doesn’t currently produce the light metal,” S&P stresses Ukraine’s proximity to the EU and the free trade pact. Referring to a presentation by Roman Opimakh, head of Ukraine’s State Geological Service, S&P reports: “Three projects are now set to being auctioned: Kruta Balka with lithium oxide content of 0.86%; Dobra with lithium oxide content of 1.38%; and Shevchenkivske, with lithium oxide content of 1.1%.”

Planning a series of license auctions for this year, Ukraine has prepared an Investment Atlas with approximately 30 critical mineral assets, including titanium, lithium, nickel, cobalt, chrome, tantalum, niobium, beryllium, zirconium, scandium, molybdenum, gold and graphite, Opimakh said to S&P. Five gold blocks are to auctioned. “Ukraine has the potential to become a significant gold producer,” he said. For most metals, exploration licenses are for five years, and development licenses are for 20.

Separately, in July, Ukraine’s State Property Fund plans to auction state-owned United Mining and Chemical Company, Europe’s largest miner of ilmenite, the main source for titanium oxide. Ukraine produces 6% of global titanium ore and its proven reserves are among the world’s 10 largest. The first of this year’s ‘Big Privatizations,” the company is Europe’s only miner of rutile and zircon, reported International Mining. Information for the auction can be found at this link. Site visits are taking place. The starting price is $135 million.

To speed the delivery of Ukrainian iron ore to Polish steelmakers, Ukrzaliznytsia has started to electrify a key bottleneck: a 94 km stretch of track between Kovel, Volyn oblast, and Izov, on the Polish border. The crossing handles 90% of the freight tonnage between the two countries, largely iron ore from Kryvyi Rih. By eliminating diesel locomotives, UZ will be able to cut air pollution, shorten delivery times and increase the weight of trains by 30%, said Ivan Yuryk, UZ’s Acting Board Chairman.

Opposition to allowing foreigners to buy farmland remains strong in Ukraine, according to a new poll by the Rating Sociological Group. Of the 2,000 respondents, 79% oppose allowing foreigners to buy farmland and 77% say the issue should be decided by a national referendum. Of respondents who said they would vote in a referendum, 64% told pollsters late last month that they would vote for the foreigner ban.

Cargo at Mariupol seaport, an indicator of Russia’s chokehold on the Azov, increased by 3.5% in January-April 2021, compared with volumes of the same period last year. In April, Russia strengthened its naval presence in the Azov and Black Seas, banning non-Russian government vessels from entering the Azov, a bi-national body of water. Despite the intimidation, exports out of Mariupol – largely steel and iron ore – increased by 17%, to 1.84 million tons. Last year, cargo volumes increased by 8.4% at Mariupol, Ukraine’s main port on the Azov.

Ukraine starts to close the gap with Russia” headlines a story in bne Intellinews. “Ukraine is actually outperforming Russia on income growth, industrial production growth and a few other counts,” reads the story. “Wages in Ukraine in dollar terms remain about half of those in Russia, but have been growing strongly in the last two years and closing the gap with Russian salaries.” Over the last two years, Ukrainian salaries have almost doubled, to $490. During the same time, Russian wages grew by $10, to $689. While Russian retail sales slumped, Ukraine’s retail sales were up 11.8% yoy in March, according to Ukrstat.

Germany’s government is providing €25.5 million to provide housing loans for Ukrainians displaced from Russia-controlled Donbas. The money should be enough for 1,200 mortgages, housing 3,000 to 5,000 people, reports TSN.

Mortgages, long a rarity in Ukraine, doubled to $50 million during this first quarter of 2021, compared to January-March of last year, reports the National Bank of Ukraine. The Central Bank has reported that the number of new mortgages increased by 51% yoy, to 1,811. Most mortgages are for dachas with primary residences can be offered as collateral.

Testifying to the stability of the hryvnia, Ukrainians sold approximately $1 billion in foreign currency since the start of this year, wrote Bohdan Danylyshyn, Head of the Council of the National Bank of Ukraine, on Facebook. Through Tuesday last week, net sales of foreign currency amounted to $970 million, he writes, citing Central Bank figures.

With traffic jams growing in Kyiv, the World Bank’s Board of Directors is to review on May 27 a $38 million mass transit loan designed to increase mobility in Ukraine’s capital. One third of the money would be used to extend the Metro across the new Podil Bridge to Troyeshchina, the Left Bank shopping and residential district. Another $16 million will be spent constructing a 3 km tram link between the Central Passenger Rail Station and the Palats Sportu Metro Station. This would provide an aboveground link between the Red Line, at the rail station, and the Blue and Green lines, at Palats Sportu. According to the TomTom Index, after Moscow and Istanbul, Kyiv has the third worst traffic in Europe.



  • Ukraine to Build Space Center, Launch Satellites
  • IFIs Approve $270 million to Align Universities with Jobs
  • River Cargo Takes Off
  • New Flights to Saudi Arabia and UAE


Ukraine plans to join the European Space Agency and build its own cosmodrome and launch seven satellites into orbit, said Volodomyr Taftay, the Head of the National Space Agency (First Business TV). Building on Ukraine’s rocket legacy from the Soviet era, the government has allotted $542 million to spend on the space program through to 2025.

Elon Musk’s Space X is to launch the first satellite, Sich 2-1-30, in December 2021 under a $2 million contract, reports Last month, Ukraine’s government allotted $3.25 million to complete a second satellite, Sich 2-30. This earth monitoring satellite would be 85% for civilian use and 15% for military.

Italy’s AVIO S.p.A has signed a €6 million agreement with Dnipro’s rocket design and production companies to produce 10 engines for European Space Agency’s Vega launch vehicle. The agreement extends a partnership that commenced in 2004 and resulted in the delivery of 20 rocket engines. Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said: “The expansion of participation in the European Vega program illustrates the reliability and competitiveness of engineering developments in the Ukrainian rocket and space industry.” From Dnipro, Oleksandr Prokopchuk, the Chief Designer of the Liquid Rocket Engines Design Bureau, said: “Cooperation with AVIO S.p.A. Is a clear example of the integration of the Ukrainian rocket and space industry into European space programs.”

From Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, the 16th successful launch of Europe’s Vega light-class launch vehicle equipped with a Ukrainian engine was carried out on April 29 2021. Launched into orbit were the main cargo, a 750 kg Pléiades Neo 3 satellite, four cubesats, and the Norsat-3 observation microsatellite for the Norwegian Space Agency. The engine was developed in Dnipro by Pivdenne Design Bureau and produced by Pivdenne Machine Building Plant.

The World Bank has approved a $200 million loan to modernize Ukraine’s universities and to upgrade their “relevance to labor market needs,” the Bank reported after Board Meeting on May 5. The money will fund a 5-year program to develop “modern digital infrastructure” and to improve transparency in university administration. Arup Banerji, the Bank’s director for Eastern Europe, said a goal is “to modernize teaching and learning in universities in line with European standards.”

Separately, the European Investment Bank has approved a €58 million loan to improve vocational education in Ukraine. The money will help create up to 10 regional centers of excellence in vocational education and training in Ukraine. The money follows a similarly sized project under the EU4Skills program, funded since 2019 by the European Commission, Germany, Poland, Finland and Estonia.

The World Bank has approved a $90 million loan to Ukraine to help buy vaccines to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, the Bank reported. Designed to help Ukraine vaccinate 10 million people, about one third of all adults, the program will also help pay for improvement in the infrastructure for storage and logistics of vaccines.

With modest borrowing needs for the week, the Finance Ministry auctioned only $51.6 million in hryvnia bonds last week, the Ministry reported on its Facebook page. Coming after the settlement of the government’s $1.25 billion Eurobond issue at a historically low interest rate of 6.876%, yields were virtually unchanged.  Unchanged were 6-month bonds at 9% and 1-year bonds at 11.2%. Three-year bonds moved up two basis points, to 12.3%.

Dnipro River transportation is off to a strong start this year, increasing by 62% to 3.1 million tons during the first four months of this year, compared to January-April last year. Aided by a longer season, more vessels, and government incentives to reduce trucks, the number of barge trips doubled, to 3,465 so far this year. The cargo breakdown is: construction materials – 63%; grain – 26%; and metals – 11%. Last year, Dnipro cargo fell by 5%, to 11.25 million tons.

Belarus Steel Works plans to ship steel this summer down the Pripyat River, past Chornobyl, down the Dnipro, across the Black Sea and up the Danube to Smederevo, Serbia. The plan by Belarusian Sea Shipping Company was facilitated by dredging of Ukraine’s 65 km portion of the Pripyat River last year. The work was undertaken by the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority, to allow the start this summer of Chornobyl tour boats from Kyiv. Belarus, a landlocked country, has improved navigation on its portion of the Pripyat. This is a first step in the E40 Waterway, a project designed to give Belarus river outlets to the Black and Baltic Seas.

Ukraine’s first flights to Saudi Arabia will commence next month when Flynas, Saudi’s low cost carrier, starts flying three times a week between Riyadh and Kyiv Boryspil. The flight on an Airbus A-320 will take five hours, reports Avianews.

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, a new unit of the Budapest-based low cost carrier, will start flights from Abu Dhabi to Odesa on June 5 and to Kyiv Boryspil on July 1. The Abu Dhabi-based airline will fly to Kyiv three times a week, using an Airbus A321neo. This long-range Airbus is too big to land on the runway at Kyiv Sikorsky, Wizz Air’s Kyiv hub.

UIA inaugurates flights next month between Kyiv Boryspil and Ras al-Khaimah, the fifth largest of the seven kingdoms of the United Arab Emirates. Ras Al Khaimah’s airport is a 40-minute drive from Dubai city and a three-hour drive from Abu Dhabi.



  • Cargill to Invest $75 Million in Canadian Iron Mine
  • VR Capital’s €59 Million Wind Park Starts Generating Power
  • Solar Producers Default, Sue
  • New Bridge Over Dniester Will Bring Kyiv Closer to Moldova
  • Summer Tourism: EU Prepares to Welcome Vaccinated Ukrainians


Cargill Metals has agreed to invest US$75 million in a Canadian major iron mining project in Kriviy Rih. In the deal Cargill, a major international iron ore trader, has agreed to take 4 million tons of iron ore from the Shymanivske mine, reports Black Iron Inc. “We are very pleased to help finance Black Iron’s Shymanivske Project,” Lee Kirk, managing director of Cargill Metals, said, noting environmental benefits. Black Iron’s CEO Matt Simpson released a statement saying: “Black Iron’s planned 68% iron content magnetite pellet feed is in the top 4% of global production by iron content and is anticipated to reduce emissions generated in the production of steel by an estimated 30%.”

With world demand strong for iron ore, grain and coal, bulk cargo shipping rates have hit 11-year highs, Interfax-Ukraine reports, citing the Baltic Dry Freight Cost Index. In the last month, some rates have jumped by 50% percent. At Ukraine’s ports, bulk exports account for about 75% of cargo volumes.

London-based VR Capital’s Elementum Energy has started commercial operation of its €59 million, 40MW wind energy Dnistrovska wind park, on the Dnister estuary in Odesa region. The 4MW GE turbines are the largest in operation in Ukraine today. Each of the 10 towers rises 131 meters high, about four stories short of Kyiv’s Parus Business Center. Elementum Energy and American developer Ukraine Power Resources are building a second, 60 MW phase of Dnistrovska, which is to be commissioned one year from now.

Richard Deitz, President of VR Capital Group Ltd, said: “Despite the ongoing challenges in the renewable energy industry in Ukraine, we believe that these growing pains will be successfully managed.  Green energy is destined to play a growing role in the Ukrainian energy sector.”

Peter A. Gish, founding CEO of Ukraine Power Resources, said: Ukraine has an extraordinary land resource which is compatible with large scale renewable energy.  We look forward to building our next wind project.”

Several solar power producers intend to sue Ukrenergo, the state run transmission system operator, for ‘illegally’ restricting production of wind and solar power this spring, says Artem Semenyshyn chairman of the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine, reports The problem of ‘over production’ by solar plants is to sharpen in the summer, typically the peak solar power production season.

Lithuania’s Modus Energy International has started arbitration against Ukraine, claiming €11.5 million in damages for last summer’s retroactive cutting of green tariffs. The company owns the Bolokhivsky solar parks in Zhytomyr.

Norway’s Scatec has announced a default in a loan agreement due to delays in payments by Ukrenergo’s Guaranteed Buyer unit and changes to power purchasing agreements, reports EnergoReforma. Scatec has four operating solar plants in Ukraine and a $111.4 million outstanding loan. According to the company’s Q1 report, Scatec has in Ukraine: a 73% interest in a 133 MW solar plants, full ownership of a 203 MW plant under construction; and 65% interest in 65 MW ‘in backlog.’

Energy storage systems in Ukraine can receive $300 million in revenues a year, Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, chairman of Ukrenergo, predicted at a recent press conference, reports ExPro Consulting. Solar and wind power plant have production peaks and lows, necessitating storage systems to ‘balance’ electricity flows. DTEK is preparing to commission Ukraine’s first industrial power storage system, a 1 MW unit next to the Zaporizhia thermal power plant. Built by Sungrid, a Canadian company, the unit uses a lithium-ion energy storage system supplied by Honeywell.

Ukrenergo lost $1 billion last year, a sharp turnaround from nearly $70 million profit in 2019. The state company says its core activity – power transmission – is profitable. But losses come from subsidizing electricity to low income households and from national rates that do not cover elevated ‘green tariffs’ due solar and wind producers. 

To open up northern Moldova to Ukrainian trade and tourism, a tender is underway for construction of what would be the second bridge on the 267 km Dnister River border between the two countries. Expected to cost $120 million, the bridge and seven kilometers of access roads are to be completed by the end of next year, according to the tender by the Vinnytsia highways department. The bridge, linking Yampil, Ukraine and Cosăuți, Moldova, will be midway on a 300 km north-south road that links Vinnytsia and Chisinau. Alexander Kubrakov, head of Ukravtodor, says the national highway agency is upgrading almost 40% of the 366 km road between Kyiv and Yampil.

To help pay for Ukraine’s ‘Big Construction’ program, the Cabinet of Minister has extended state guarantees to $360 million worth of hryvnia bonds for Ukravtodor.  The Cabinet also approved a list of priority highway projects to be financed with the bonds. Placed this year, the bonds are to be as long as 15 years.

Ukrzaliznytsia plans to resume international train service next month, starting with Austria, Hungary and Poland, Ivan Yuryk, the state railroad’s acting CEO, says, according to UZ’s press office. Confirmed are Kyiv-Vienna trains and trains from Zakarpattia to Hungary, crossing at the Chop- Záhony bridge. UZ is in talks with Poland to restore Intercity service.

Direct flights from Tel Aviv to Uman for the annual Rosh Hashana pilgrimage? That could be the result of a recent decision to transfer 500 hectares from Uman’s military airfield to civilian use, Agriculture Minister Roman Leshchenko tells Interfax-Ukraine. Every September about 40,000 Hasidic Jews go to Uman for an annual pilgrimage. The Cherkasy city is a three hour drive from the nearest international airports, Odesa or Kyiv Boryspil.

Drivers returning to work in Kyiv will encounter a new, digitized system for parking fines. Using hand held terminals, parking inspectors are able to quickly check for nonpayment for parking and issue tickets on the spots. “The ticket can be quickly printed and left on the offending vehicle,” a city administration official tells UNIAN. The terminals do not give inspectors access to drivers’ personal data.

This summer, the EU would allow visits by fully vaccinated travelers from third countries, such as Ukraine, under a formal proposal by the European Commission. Travelers will have to complete the vaccination sequence at least two weeks before travel, reports Avianews. Similarly, the EU is working on a system to allow fully vaccinated travelers from the US, Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, recently told The New York Times.

Ukraine has signed contracts to receive a total of 42 million doses of coronavirus vaccines through the end of this year, Health Minister Maksym Stepanov on Ukraine 24 TV. To cover Ukraine’s adult population, he said, delivery contracts need to be signed for 5 million more doses.



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