• Coronavirus hits Italy Travel, Corn Prices
  • Fast Track Visas for IT Workers
  • UZ to Build EU Gauge Tracks
  • Poll: Most Ukrainians Oppose Farm Land Market
  • Ukrspyrt Alcohol Sales up 62%
  • New Eco-Platform to Protect

In a slap to Italy, Ukrainians should refrain from traveling to EU countries with confirmed cases of coronavirus transmission, Deputy Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko said Thursday. Italy has 650 confirmed cases, largely in Milan’s Lombardy region, where schools and movie theaters are closed, and in Venice, where carnival has been cancelled. UIA has flights from Boryspil to both cities. Lyashko said: “While the new coronavirus spreads in the EU, people should refrain from traveling to countries where cases of internal transmission have been confirmed in order to protect their health and prevent the coronavirus spread from entering Ukraine.”

Ukraine has no direct flights to the four other centers of the virus: China, Iran, Japan and South Korea. At Boryspil and other airports, health workers are checking 75,000 travelers arriving on international flights every day, Lyashko said.

Coronavirus is eroding the price of Ukrainian corn as demand declines in China, Liga Business reports. Yesterday, Timofey Milovanov, Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture, predicted there would be “little impact” on Ukraine’s economy.

Ukraine will establish a special migration system for highly qualified IT specialists, says Alexander Bornyakov, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation. Qualified newcomers will find it easier to obtain a permanent residence permit and to apply for a work permit which grants expats rights similar to those of Ukrainians. As Ukraine’s IT companies grapple with a labor shortage, they recruit from Belarus, Moldova and Kazakhstan.

Of the world’s top 100 IT outsourcing service companies, 21 are either Ukrainian companies or have large offices in Ukraine, according to the New York-based International Association of Outsourcing Professionals. Last year, 18 Ukrainian companies made the list.

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Ukrainian Railways is to start building euro-gauge track this year from Lviv to the Polish border, announced UZ’s investment chief Anton Sabolevsky. In the first 10 months of 2019, the company carried almost half a million passengers to the EU.

Ukrainians heavily oppose the creation of a market for farm land, according to a poll by Kyiv International Institute of Sociology. 62% of respondents say they would vote against the creation of a land market, while just 15% said they would support it. The current bill in the Rada would limit sales to Ukrainians, with a maximum holding set at 10,000 hectares. A national referendum would be needed to approve sales to foreigners.

The government is talking with large investors interested in manufacturing electric cars here, reports Interfax-Ukraine. “An investor who intends to build an electric car factory and create jobs is here. Ukrainian electric cars are arriving. We need to eliminate pro-import conditions such as zero excise tax and zero VAT and stimulate a national producer,” said Deputy Energy Minister Oleksiy Riabchyn.

Ukraine’s “affordable loans 5-7-9” program will be partially backed by state’s Entrepreneurship Development Fund starting in March, helping reach potential borrowers previously unable to participate due to a lack of collateral, reports the Ministry of Finance. Loans are capped at $61,000. Under the program’s new stage, the government will partially compensate borrowers’ interest payments.

Alcohol sales by state-owned Ukrspyrt were up 62% year-over-year in January, the company reports. Company director Serhiy Bleskun attributes this to “the preparation of the state enterprise for privatization and our common struggle against illegal alcohol.”

Ukraine’s anti-monopoly agency reports that it has approved the concession tender deal between Qatar’s Qterminals and Olvia port.

 The Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection will launch a new “eco-platform” which will centralize and digitize all data to create a transparent process for accessing natural resources, says ministry head Alexei Orzhel. The project is aimed at reducing illegal logging, fishing, and subsoil use. These cause the state to lose up to $40 million yearly.

State roads agency Ukravtodor launches an online tool where citizens can complain in real-time about potholes through an interactive map. Vadim Goryushko, the state-owned company’s communications director, tells Ukrinform: “upload a photo of the problem (pits, potholes, piles of garbage, etc.) onto a map with specific geolocation. Ukravtodor will respond to this complaint and provide prompt information on its resolution.”

Naftogaz is talking with foreign companies to create joint ventures for managing drilling groups. Company CEO Andriy Kobolyev says: “We are currently at a relatively advanced stage of negotiations with two large Western drilling service providers who are interested in creating a joint venture with us that will manage all our machines.”

Farmak, the Ukrainian pharmaceuticals manufacturer, increased its exports to over 22% of total sales in 2019, said company head Volodymyr Kostiuk. He complains to Interfax-Ukraine that the pharmaceutical industry exports to 28 countries around the world, including some of the largest western markets, but the sector is not in Ukraine’s export development strategy.

Sergei Glushchenko is a new Deputy Minister of Development of Economics, Trade and Agriculture. Previously, he worked for the World Bank’s International Financial Corporation and in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, and Kyrgyzstan.


  • PrivatBank Chief Claims “Hybird War” Against Bank
  • Ericsson to Provide Consulting on 5G
  • Ukrainians Still much Poorer than Neighbors
  • PM Orders Tax Official Purge
  • UkrPoshta Resumes Service to China
  • IT Exports up, Industrial Production down

PrivatBank Chief Petr Krumphanzl says there is a “hybrid war” being waged against the bank’s key management, in comments to the FT. Krumphanzl says he faces six “spurious” criminal investigations as active investigations into PrivatBank by multiple law enforcement agencies continue. The IMF has agreed a $5.5 billion loan for Ukraine contingent on the government’s safeguarding of the 2016 bank clean-up. He told the FT “If the rhetoric changes and the IMF’s position becomes negative, then many of these investors will actually start to withdraw the money that they already put in the country.”

Sweden’s Ericsson will provide consulting on 5G infrastructure development for the government, announces the Ministry of Digital Transformation. Last year China’s Huawei won a tender for the modernization of the national 2G network and for the construction of a 4G network in Kyiv’s metro.

Ukrainians have significantly less purchasing power than Russians, Belarussians, and Poles, according to a 2019 IMF measure of per capita income adjusted for real purchasing power in national currencies, reports European Truth.

Ukraine already meets the IMF’s preconditions for an expanded three-year funding program, central bank chief Dmitry Sologub told UNIAN. “During the meeting with the Fund’s representatives at the NBU, we discussed common issues: economic growth, inflation dynamics, monetary policy, and the state of the banking system. The IMF has no questions at all about us: the National Bank is achieving its monetary policy goals,” he said.

Prime Minister Honcharuk instructs new tax chief Sergei Solodchenko to purge regional officials to eliminate corruption in State Fiscal Service once and for all. “We agreed that in the coming weeks, absolutely all regional heads will be replaced in order to combat the shadow economy… In the coming weeks we will seriously complicate the lives of people who are engaged in [tax evasion] – this is a serious problem for the Ukrainian economy, ” he said.

The Cabinet of Ministers lifts ban on private companies participating in the space industry. “The lifting of the ban on space activities by private enterprises will increase the number of jobs and will contribute to the development of high-tech industry,” said Deputy Minister of Economy Svetlana Panaiotidi.

The spread of Coronavirus will have little impact on the Ukrainian economy, says Timofey Milovanov, Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture. “There may be negative scenarios where the coronavirus spreads rapidly in other countries … Then it will greatly affect travel and tourism, but tourism generates a small percentage [of GDP], so there will be no significant impact on the Ukrainian economy.” Markets around the world have already been hammered by the impact of the virus on China’s supply chains. “[Chinese products] can be replaced by goods from other countries of Asia or Europe. That is, we do not expect significant problems for our value chains, rather, imports will rise in price, which is good for the economy,” he claimed.

UkrPoshta resumes package deliveries to China, General Director Igor Smilyansky writes on Facebook. “From now on, after only a week, UkrPost has resumed sending packages to China. It is grateful to our international department for hard work, and to partners and the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine for their assistance.”

Over ten countries have placed a temporarily ban Ukrainian poultry products due to the spread of bird flu, MHP says. They include Moldova, China, Japan, Korea, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iraq, the Philippines, Morocco, Tunisia, Singapore, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. “Ukraine has introduced an active surveillance program that should show the absence of infection and restore the status of a prosperous country in terms of product safety. The enterprises of the MHP group fully control the quality of products. We hope that European institutions and our partner countries will soon reconsider their decision in favor of Ukraine,” the company said.

Capital investments in Ukraine’s agriculture sector decreased by 16% in 2019, reports the Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business. “The decrease in capital investment in 2019 was caused by two key factors: the revaluation of the hryvnia and the expectations of the opening of the land market,” said the club’s press service.

IT exports continue to grow. In 2019 exports grew by 30.2% to $4.17 billion, slightly faster than in 2018.

Overall industrial production was down 5.1% year-over-year last month, reports the State Statistics Service.

Ukraine’s Regional Development Fund will spend $300 million to support local oblast-level projects in 2020, Prime Minister Honcharuk said on Telegram. Among approved projects are highways, rural roads, and bridges. Zelenskiy’s team has vowed to build 4,000 km of roads under the Great Road Construction program starting March 1.

Ukraine will impose a 50% “anti-dumping duty” on some Russian steel products for 5 years, reports the Interagency Commission on International Trade.

Audits reveal irregularities in 51% of tax inspection cases in January, the State Tax Service reports. The most common violation was under-the-table employment. Numerous studies suggest the shadow economy makes up nearly half of Ukraine’s GDP, one of the highest figures globally.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine will deepen cooperation with the American Chamber of Commerce, specifically in intellectual property protection and countering fraud. “We must clearly understand that there are no “saints” among law enforcement or investors. Therefore, there must be a constructive dialogue and clear cooperation between us,” Interior Minister Avakov said.


  • Bond Auctions Flat
  • War on Corruption Continues
  • Azeris to Invest
  • Odesa–Brody oil Pipeline
  • Retail sales up 12.1%
  • EBRD Invests in Odesa’s Riviera Mall
  • Reddit Opens Kyiv Office
  • Coal Usage down 25%
  • Escalates Fight Against Coronavirus

The National Bank capped yields at 10% during Tuesday’s domestic government bonds placement. Demand for 3-month, 1.5-year, and 2-year bonds at these rates did not meet the volume offered.

Zero tolerance for corruption at all levels,” says Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk while appointing Sergei Solodchenko as the new head of the State Fiscal Service. “We are eliminating this phenomenon once and for all – no corrupt employees, including top management, should remain in the entities of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.”

Ukraine’s National Police will lead inter-agency cooperation to fight the shadow economy, reports the Ministry of Internal Affairs. “In particular, preventive measures will be taken to combat illegal gambling, logging, tobacco, fuel, alcohol, liquor and subsoil use.” Agencies involved include the SBU, State Tax Service, State Customs Service of Ukraine, and State Border Service of Ukraine. Numerous studies suggest the shadow economy makes up nearly half of Ukraine’s GDP, one of the highest figures globally.

Azerbaijan plans to invest $1.5-$2 billion in Ukraine in 2020, a figure equal to 1% of the entire country’s GDP, said Azerbaijani Ambassador Azer Khudiyev in Kyiv. “We have intentions to invest here. That is why I recently spoke with our Minister of Economy. He is going to do a Ukraine-Belarus-Moldova tour. There is such an instruction from our President that our region needs to be strengthened. economic positions,” he told Ukrinform. In December President Zelenskiy invited Azerbaijani companies to invest in infrastructure, tourism and road construction projects in Ukraine and promised to “protect every investor.”

The Odesa–Brody oil pipeline connecting southern Ukraine to Belarus may come online in March, Belnaftokhim reports. According to company chief Vladimir Sizov, “work is underway to purchase alternative oil using the southern route, from Ukrainian territory. We are working on the acquisition of resources in the Black Sea.” Belarus has been exploring the feasibility of purchasing oil from countries including Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic States, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan after a price disagreement with Russia. This month Belarus bought 160,000 tons of Russian oil at a premium through a trader in Lithuania.

The EBRD will loan EUR 52.5m to develop the Riviera shopping center in Odesa. “This investment will increase the availability of modern retail space in Odesa, which currently lags behind most European cities with its current total rental area of ​​only about 250 sqm per 1000 inhabitants,” the bank said. The EBRD one of the top investors in Ukraine and is involved in more than 460 projects around the country.

Retail sales are up 12.1% year-over-year in January, according to data released by Ukrstat. ICU writes: “Retail sales were one of the key growth drivers of Ukraine’s economy in 2019, having expanded 10.5%. We believe that consumer demand will remain the key growth driver of the economy this year also, being supported by further growth of real incomes of households and lower inflation.” Fueling this retail boom are private remittances from Ukrainians working abroad which reached $12 billion in 2019, according to the central bank.

The National Bank insists a strong hryvnia is overall positive for the country, despite hurting exporters’ margins and tax revenue. The bank argues “First, it helped reduce inflation to the target of 5%, which is, in particular, an important step in lowering interest rates and intensifying lending. Secondly, it caused savings of the state budget for servicing foreign currency debt,” in a Facebook post. “The hryvnia appreciation seen this year, as well as the rapid growth in Ukrainians’ nominal wages over the past few years, is a strong driver slowing labor migration,” central bank Deputy Governor Oleg Churiy said last year. “Our people are notably less interested in looking for work abroad.”

Ukravtodor, the State Highways Agency, commissioned 847 km of roads in 2019 spending $860m or UAH 21 billion. Key projects included the repairs on the highway between Zaporizhia and Mariupol and renovations for the Odesa, Mykolaiv, and Kherson route. This year the agency intends to upgrade 4,000 km of national roads.

Financial services companies loaned out $2.9 billion or UAH 70 billion to consumers in 2019, National Financial Services Commission member Oleksandr Zalyetov. The lion’s share was made up of online loans. In July the National Bank will assume new powers and become the main regulator of insurance, leasing, financial companies, credit unions, pawnshops and credit bureaus.

Reddit, the US tech company, opens an office in Kyiv. “We chose Kyiv because there are a lot of technically skilled engineers who are interested in product development. They aspire to do more than only coding. We need people who are ready to contribute to the product,” Senior UX Designer Pavlo Grozian says. Reddit is a popular message board website in the English-speaking world but trails behind similar Russian sites in the region.

The government will conduct an audit of the State Pension Fund in 2020, Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk said in Kyiv. “We are now planning an international audit by a professional international company to find out what’s going on in terms of spending. This year, we will analyze how this money is administered to answer questions where they can actually be saved, saved for the expense of reducing administrative expenses.” Ukraine’s State Pension Fund has been described as a ticking time bomb as the country faces a rapidly dwindling working population due to aging and emigration.

Coal consumption down 24.2% year-over-year in January, according to the State Statistics Service. A changing economy and global trade slowdown are contributing factors.

All people entering Ukraine will be examined, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said at a Coronavirus situation meeting held by the National Security & Defense Council. Previously only citizens of countries with confirmed cases were checked.


  • Business-in-Smartphone Revolution
  • Vodafone brings 4G to Kyiv Metro
  • Grain Exports up 4x last Decade
  • Capital Investments Up
  • Tech Solutions to Construction Sector
  • Home-grown Startups Awarded Grants
  • Airports Prepare for Coronavirus
  • Support for Zelenskiy Slides

The Digital Transformation Ministry launches Diya.Biznes, a smartphone app designed to transform creating and maintaining a business. On Telegram, Digital officials say the app will be a tool where “every small and medium-sized business owner will find important information: ideas, a list of services and support programs from the state, as well as be able to get professional business advice.” According to the World Bank’s Doing Business 2020 study, Ukraine lags behind Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

Vodafone successfully tests 4G communications infrastructure in Kyiv’s metro. “All services are working and the network is ready to receive the Internet traffic of our subscribers,” Andrey Bolshakov, deputy general director of Vodafone Ukraine, said of tests conducted Monday.

Ukraine quadrupled grain exports in the last decade, according to Mykola Pugachev deputy director of the National Scientific Center’s Institute of Agrarian Economics. In 2019, 56.7 million tons of grain were exported to foreign markets – four times more than in 2010 and 36% more than in 2018. Egypt, China, Spain, Turkey, Bangladesh were the top five purchasers of Ukraine’s grain exports in 2019.

The most recognizable home-grown Ukrainian brands? ATB, Silpo, Lvivske beer, Morshynska water, and Intertop fashion make the list by The Power of Money magazine.

Construction permitting will be visible to all online, according to the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate. It says: “From now on, town planning entities and the public will have the opportunity to personally monitor the work of the commission and the basis on which documents decisions are made to grant a permit or refusal.”

Digital Transformation Minister Mykhailo Fedorov joins the fight against corruption in the construction sector. Very soon, all construction services will become automatic and electronic,” he writes on Facebook. “For two months, bandits, who have earned billions of hryvnia for years on bribes and are already suffering heavy losses from the first steps of digitization, are trying to deceive and discredit the [Ministry].”

A farmland market is not a precondition for an IMF deal, says Economy Minister Timofei Milovanov. “The IMF is important because it certifies for investors that the economic policy of the government is correct. For this, we essentially need a program.”

The state should support high-tech industries, Milovanov says on Ukraine 24. “We will provide such support somewhere, maybe on a competitive basis. It must be effective. It is not subsidies, it is state support of those who are the most promising for us.”

Ukraine will cut government subsidies to farmers, says Taras Vysotksy, deputy Economy Minister. In 2020, the maximum financial support that can be disbursed to any one entity will be $2 million.  Among the major food exporters, Ukraine has among the lowest farm subsidies.

Eight Ukrainian startups won grants worth a total of $360,500. Companies include IT, retail, fashion, and non-profit startups. The country’s Startup Fund is a government fund baimed at identifying and nurturing promising domestic tech companies.

Capital investments increased by 15.5% in 2019, reports Interfax-Ukraine citing the State Statistics Service. The regions attracting the most.

Due to mild weather and over supply in Europe, Naftogaz will charge 37% less for gas this month than one year ago, the state oil and gas company says.

Dnipro city has Ukraine’s most expensive urban utilities charges, according to a study by Other cities in the top 10 are: Rivne, Ternopil, Chernihiv, Kyiv, Mariupol, Kharkiv and Mykolaiv.

Moldova bans Ukrainian poultry and egg products to prevent the potential spread of the bird flu, reports Ukraine’s Ministry of Economic Development, Trade. Earlier last week, China place a temporary ban on Ukrainian poultry imports for the same reasons.

Ukraine expands flight quotas with Turkey, reports State Aviation Service of Ukraine. As part of the February 2020 high-level negotiations in Ankara, restrictions on freight transportation will be lifted.

Ukraine’s airports are implementing tight screening procedures for all passengers arriving from any country with a Coronavirus outbreak, Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk said at a press conference. Previously only arrivals from Asian countries with confirmed cases of the outbreak were checked. A new focus for controls are flights to and from Italy.

Zelenskiy’s Servant of the People party faces headwinds as public support slides. In a February poll by the Razumkov Center, 51.5% of respondents expressed confidence in the president – down from 79% in September. Of respondents, 28% said they trust the Rada – down from 57% in September.


  • Global Warming Lengthens Road Construction Season
  • Turks Win Tender to Finish Zaporizhia Bridge
  • Kyiv Outshops Moscow
  • Price of Gas Imports to Drop in Half by Summer
  • Coal Mines to Close in 2020s

Thanks to Ukraine’s mild winter, highway workers fired up their bulldozers last week and started work on 34 projects in 14 regions, reports the press service of Ukravtodor. “A record early start was caused by favorable weather conditions,” reports the national highways agency. Working through November, Ukravtodor plans to spend a record $3.5 billion this year to upgrade 4,000 km of national roads and 2,500 km of local roads.

Turkish construction company Onur submitted a winning $488 million bid to complete the long unfinished bridge across the Dnipro at Zaporizhia, Ukravtodor reports on Facebook. The ProZorro tender called for building a 9 km highway with six interchanges and two major bridges — the highway connects Khortytsia island with the right and left banks of the river. The unfinished bridge has been a city landmark since construction first started 16 years ago. The Zelenskiy Administration wants the project completed by the end of 2022.

Turkish construction company Cengiz has signed a memorandum of cooperation to upgrade the M14 road between Mariupol and Nova Kakhkova to the level of an international highway. Planner see upgrading this 350 km east-west route as key to easing the isolation of Berdyansk and Mariupol, Ukraine’s main ports on the Azov.

Confounding stereotypes, the Kyiv metro area has 50% more ‘high quality retail space’ per capita than the Moscow metro area, according to new statistics by UTG, the Ukraine real estate consultancy. Kyiv’s metro population of 3.7 million people has 1.8 million square meters of shopping space, or two people per square meter. Moscow’s metro population of 12.5 million people has 4 million square meters of shopping space, or three people per square meter.

With Russia’s economy stagnant, the gap may grow.  Without counting 21 Kyiv region malls in ‘concept’ stage, Kyiv is to add 550,000 new square meters – a 30% increase from today’s levels – by the end of next year. This would raise Kyiv’s retail saturation to 1.6 people per square meter, about double Moscow’s.

In Kyiv, 241,000 square meters of new retail space went on the market last year. This is 50% more than the 159,000 square meters of gross leasable area that went on the market in 2018. With the new supply, Kyiv’s overall retail vacancy rate is creeping up, hitting 7.8% in December. For regional malls, the vacancy rate is twice as high – 15.4%, reports UTG.

Supermarket chain Novus plans to open 10 new stores in Kyiv by the end of 2021, Ihor Landa, CEO of BT Invest Ukraine, the company that runs Novus, tells Interfax-Ukraine. He says the chain plans to expand because purchasing power is growing in greater Kyiv, now home to 10% of Ukraine’s population. Novus has 750 unfilled job vacancies.

For the first time, Ukrainian regional real estate projects will have their own stand at MIPIM, the leading European investment exhibition for the international real estate market. On show will be Ivano-Frankivsk’s Promrylad, a $25 million project to convert a Soviet era factory into modern multiuse space, says Anna Nestuly, Ukraine organizer of Ukraine’s delegation to the March 10-13 fair in Cannes. Counting the Kyiv city stand and the Ukraine regions stand, Ukraine’s delegation is to number 100, double the size of 2018. Participants include: Altis Holding, City One Development, DELTA Ukraine, Dragon Capital, Intergal Bud, Invest in Projects, Mandarin Plaza Group, Midland Development, Toronto-Kyiv, TK Property Management and UDP.

Ukraine should aim to triple IT workers, to 650,000, and nearly triple IT export revenue, to $13 billion a year, Kira Rudik, a leader of the Rada’s Digital Transformation Committee, said in Zaporizhia. “The IT industry is growing fast,” said Rudik, former CEO of Ring Ukraine, now owned by Amazon.  “We are an agrarian country. We have every chance to become a technological country. What we need to do to achieve this is increase export revenue to $13 billion a year.”

With talks over the green tariffs adrift for the last six months, Prime Minister Alexei Honcharuk said: “We anticipate serious problems for our energy sector to serve such high obligations…We also do not stand and do not support a retrospective change in the rules.” With investments frozen for many new projects, investors say the government is not showing adequate political will to forge a consensus with industry on tariffs.

Ukraine’s import price of gas may drop in half this summer – to $80 per 1,000 cubic meters – predicts Oleksiy Orzhel, Energy and Environmental Protection Minister. In January, Ukraine’s average price of imported natural gas was $175.26, already a 10-year low. With production sharing agreements coming up for auction in coming months, Orzhel warns ultra-low prices will turn off investment. He said: It will be very difficult to make decisions to invest in production…many companies have frozen their further extraction investment projects.”

The government plans to close most of Ukraine’s coal mines during this decade, Minister Orzhel said at a presentation of a revised draft Concept for a Green Energy Transition to 2050. The cutoff level for production will be $40 a ton. “Very few facilities will be competitive,” Orzhel said, outlining a policy that he predicts will outlast the five-year Zelenskiy Administration. Referring to the social impact, he said: “It will not be shock therapy, but gradual closures.”


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